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Just got my tickets for Sunday's game!


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a few things jj:

1) youre brave for going, those guys are crazy. so much so that the only stadium in the nfl with a jail and courtroom is in philly.

2) good work on converting your girlfriend, i got mine too (used to rrot for the ravens, now her favorite player is santana moss).

3) Sell your tickets for the 0-5 record. haha

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I think I'm tailgating in Lot U. I'm bringing my turkey fryer and making some wings. Red Phoenix is bringing Chili!! Who else is joining us watch the Skins make the playoffs!!


Me! I started a thread titled Caravan to Philly!


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I've had no problems ever at the Eagles stadiums (including Veterans stadium). I can take care of myself, no worries.

By the way, on a side note, I've been to five Redskins games during my life, and their record is 0-5. Should I sell my ticket?

Please dont go give them or sell them to someone!!

Please :doh:

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