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My roommate and I are both Redskins' fans. I have been since birth, and I converted him five years ago, during the dark ages which I believe Joe has finally pulled us out of. I think this gives him almost as much creed as many of us lifers. We said in September, the NFC East crown could be won in Philly on New Years' day. I never thought it would be under these circumstances, but it still could happen. Even if we simply make it as a Wild Card, this season and this run has made a team ready for post season play. I like our chances. Thank you Joe for coming back, and thank you Redskins for buying in. This is a good team, one that starts with the character and confidence of Coach Gibbs, continues with the fiery assistants like Buges and GW, and is capped by a combination of promising young stars (Moss, Portis, Cooley, Taylor, Washington, Lavar), experienced vets (Brunell, Springs), and even cast aways like Mike Sellers and Ryan Clark. This is a Joe Gibbs football team. Dan Snyder deserves a lot of credit for learning to be a good owner. I still believe he is the only one who could have convinced Joe Gibbs to comeback.

Who would have thought... the Skins have a shot at 10 wins, the playoffs, maybe even the division crown... An offense that was so bad a season ago, while still growing this year, should produce the best #s ever by a Redksin TE, WR and RB as well as the Comeback Player of the Year in Mark Brunell... a Defense that I was very critical of at midseason, turning it on... A special teams coach I like as a person, suddenly getting a unit to play like the critical 1/3 of the team it is...This is a scary team to mess with if they take care of business in Philly. Go Skins, Go! Thank you for this season, a reminder of why we remain the best fans in professional football!:eaglesuck

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