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Game Day FAQ's


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Game Day FAQ's.

Well we're here on Christmas Eve and for the 15th time this year, gameday has arrived here on Extreme. Knowing that things like this are rarely discussed on the board on game day or even the day before, I thought we could help the searching impaired and post some answers here before they start a thread. Feel free fellow Extremesters, to add your own, ( most answers found within 2 mins).


Q: I CAN'T WATCH THE GAME!!!!!!!! How do I listen to it on online radio? Can I do that?

A: Yes you can. NFL .com has NFL field pass. Sign up, first week free, then discontinue service.

There are also these: http://www.augustaoldies.com www.thegamelive.com Try them as well.

Q: Where is the game being televised? I'm geo challenged yada yada.

A: www.tvguide.com . That or look for the thread hovering around the first page or two on just that.

Q: WTEM??? WJFK??? Hey. I want to listen to that too. Is there a link for that?

A: Ummmmm Think about that. The posters discussing it many times aren't in D.C. so they are listening to it how? :)

Q: Who's not going to play?????

A: Patience. Blondie and others are very good at posting inactives and such on Blondie's game thread and in their own thread.

Q: Chris Paul songs? Anyone?

A: Yes. This is Extreme. If it's 2 hours old it's been discussed. Several times. Chris Paul for sure. This week.


Q: What uniforms are the Redskins going to wear?

A: For the fashion concious who are trying to keep up in the cut throat, fast paced world of NFL fashion, there is usally a thread or 2 on just this hanging around the the first page or 2. If not, just type in Color, Uniform, uni's, or something like that in Advanced Search.

Q: Did you see/hear what Michael, Steve, ect.... said on ESPN/Fox???

A: Yep. Sure did. Again. Patience. 3 thread will pop up pretty quick on it right about the time whatever is said is said.

Q: Wow. Did you see that play?

A: You're kidding right? Again. Patience.

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