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WEEK SIXTEEN Picks, Pats, and Apologies


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Last Week: 9-7

Season: 145-77

Link to last week's thread http://extremeskins.com/forums/showthread.php?t=132611

Last Week's Pats: Well, I got the biggest one right-- Redskins over Cowboys, but that's hardly worth bragging about considering the venue in which the pick takes place :) I almost nailed my upset of the year, but the Titans couldn't seal the deal against Seattle. Other than that, there wasn't much to brag about-- my gut told me to go with the Giants, but all of you fools made me change my mind :doh:

Last Week's Apologies: Hats off to the Chargers-- they really bounced back from that embarrasing loss at home to Miami-- I thought Indy was going to finish them off. And small props to the Eagles for proving me wrong and grinding out a win.

This Week's Picks:

Atlanta at Tampa Bay: Early in the season, I picked the Falcons to go to the Super Bowl. Ever since then, I've been giving them the benefit of the doubt despite their struggles. My gut tells me to go with them again this week, but I'm beginning to wonder if the problems in Atlanta don't run pretty deep. That defense was supposed to be a strength this year, but they've been middling at best. I'm still not sold on Chris Simms, but I'll go against the Falcons here.

Bucs 17, Falcons 14

Buffalo at Cincinnati: The Bills are in shambles. The Bengals will celebrate the division title at home, giving long-suffering Cincy fans a much deserved Christmas gift.

Bengals 24, Bills 13

Dallas at Carolina: Don't count the Cowboys out just yet. The Panthers are a totally one-dimensional team, it just so happens that that one dimension (Steve Smith) is pretty darn good. But if you can clamp down on him as Tampa did two weeks ago, you can slow down the Panthers to a crawl. I have a feeling Dallas summons some cojones this week and comes ready to play. But it won't be enough.

Panthers 23, Cowboys 20

Detroit at New Orleans: Angry fan March? Will there be any fans at all? And if so, why?

Saints 7, Lions 6

Jacksonville at Houston: The Jags are about the least dangerous playoff team in NFL history, as evidenced by their 10-9 win over the 49ers last week. But give them credit-- they play hard and they've taken advantage of a weak schedule. Good job by Jack Del Rio. But don't be surprised if the Texans pull a fast one on them this week.

Texans 20, Jaguars 19

New York Giants at Washington: The Giants are the better team, period. If this game is played 10 times on a neutral field, the Giants win at least 6. But they aren't playing 10 times this week- just once, in Washigton, with the Redskins riding an emotional wave of confidence and excitement. That alone will not win them the game against the well-balanced Giants, but it WILL help. It's not just Tiki that should worry the skins-- Shockey creates tremendous match-up problems and the WR's are big and strong. The Redskins offense must do their part. I say Brunell and company give them just enough to pull out an emotional squeeker.

Redskins 21, Giants 17

Pittsburgh at Cleveland: Quietly, the Browns have put together a fairly gutsy season-- styaing in most games and winning a few they should have probably lost. This is their Super Bowl this week-- a chance to knock out the hated Steelers. Expect a slugfest, but expect Pittsburgh to escape.

Steelers 16, Browns 13

San Diego at Kansas City: The Chiefs have been dominant at home in December, but I believe these past two weeks have decimated them. The Chargers are scrambling for their playoff lives, and I don't see them going down this week.

Chargers 30, Chiefs 23

San Francisco at St. Louis: Yikes.

Rams 27, 49ers 17

Tennessee at Miami: The Dolphins have scratched and clawed their way to 7-7. Give them a decent QB next year and you've got yourself a playoff team.

Dolphins 22, Titans 14

Philadelphia at Arizona: Eagles will play hard to the final gun this year-- something of which Redskins fans should take note. The defense is still tough, talented, and well-coached. They are challenged offensively, but they are good enough to beat the Cards.

Eagles 20, Cardinals 17

Indianapolis at Seattle: The events of last weekend took the zing out of this game in the first place. The death of James Dungy makes it almost irrelevant. I see the Colts just wanting to get home.

Seahawks 27, Colts 10

Oakland at Denver: The Raiders have flat-out quit. Horrible performance the past two weeks against below average teams. Disgusting. I imagine they'll muster more effort this week, but it won't matter.

Broncos 28, Raiders 16

Chicago at Green Bay: Only a fool would pick a team that just got beat 48-3 by the Ravens to upset one of the tougher teams in the NFL. Here's your fool! Chicago is just BOUND to lose again someday, and this has the makings for a classic upset-- Christmas Day, Favre in Green Bay against the Bears...

Packers 19, Bears 16

Minnesota at Baltimore: I've never been more confident of an "upset" in my life. The Vikings are toast, their little parade is over and Baltimore is playing well at home.

Ravens 20, Vikings 13

Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays, or Merry Sparkle Season to everyone!!

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