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Skins Flying Under The Proverbial Playoff Radar


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After weeks and weeks of enjoying the journey of cheering for my Skins during the last three and one half months of this season, I believe in us more than ever before. I've said all along that we are a top 10 team in this league...and that's being modest in my humble opinion- ha ha. Sure Blah, Blah, inconsistent, no pass rush, QB?, receivers, no passing game...heard it all, but forget all that.

We are that potential playoff team that is going unnoticed...a la the Carolina Panthers of 2003. Now wait a minute, I'm not suggesting that the win yesterday or any win this season, for that matter, makes us a Super Bowl contender. However, none of the media outside of D.C. is giving us a chance in this playoff race. I have one thing to say to all you Skins-fans-doubters about Saturday's game against the Giants. I was in Fed Ex Field yesterday, as were some of you who are reading this thread, and that place was nothing short of NUTTTTTTZ!

Imagine this...It's 3rd and long, your Eli Manning, Fed Ex is piercing your eardrums, your voice is gone from all your meaningless-soon to be false start-cadences, you can't hear a thing but 90,000+ screaming fans, and that Skins Defense is comin' after every player on your roster on every series of every down that you have the ball. We'll be ready on Saturday...You can count on that!


Keys to Victory on December 24, 2005

#1. contain Tiki Barber

#2. ...refer to Dallas gameplan

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