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I saw Joe Gibbs grandson play basketball


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I had no idea but apparently Joe Gibbs lives in Huntersville NC, or in that area, its around Lake Norman for those that know anything about it. Its big for NASCAR people, so i'm guessing thats how he ended up down there.

I'm going to be a teacher there next semester and last night I was down there to watch a basketball game. One of the teachers that knows i'm a big Redskins fan told me that one of the players was Joe's grandson.

He said Gibbs has been to a few games. So to say the least i'm alittle bit excited about living and working in the same area where Gibbs calls home in the off season.

If anyone in his family ends up in my class, automatic A :D

Reggie White also lived in that area with his family. I had seen his son at the school when I was doing my student teaching. Real big tall kid, didn't play any sports though.

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I've heard Schottenheimer and Gibbs live in the same neighborhood in Lake Norman.

I wouldn't doubt it, seems to be an area for athletes. I played in a colleigate summer baseball league down there when I was in college and our pitching coach was a guy that played for the Phillies.

And I know for a fact that Ty Whigington (spelling?) lives there as well, he plays for the Pirates.

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