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Player Grades

Zen-like Todd

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Ok, this is without the benefit of Tivo or a tape, and its almost a day after the game, but here are some player grades. Each grade is influenced by the overall talent level and expectations for the player. Basically, its harder for Lavar to get an A than it is for Ohalate.

That said..

Lavar - A++. He's done nothing to dissuade me from the opinion that he's going to own the NFL this year. I wouldnt trade him for any linebacker in the league at this point, INCLUDING Ray Lewis (especially when one adds in the attitude thug factor).

Big Daddy - A. He did everything you would ask of a DT and more. I was absolutely amazed at the way he was able to string out the outside run by Bettis all the way to the sideline. Basically, if he can play that way the entire season, we are going to kick some major ***.

Armstead - B. He was in on a few plays, didn't embarass himself, etc. He was in the backfield on the Randle El reverse, but got his legs tangled up with a blocker (looked kinda shady to me), and couldnt free himself to make the play in the backfield.

Trotter - C+. That's just because I demand a high level of performance from him. He played OK, but I want to see a major impact from him.

Wynn - B. He was solid, but unspectacular. Occasionally got some good pressure on the QB, just missed out on a sack. Was never "handled".

Smith - B+. Didn't play a ton, but if you didnt know any better, you'd never know he was as old as he is.

Champ/Smoot - D+. They get a combined score, because they played equally poorly. If it was the Dallas CBs being graded on an equal performance, it would be a B-/C+. Still, it was nothing to be happy about in any sense of the word.

Shade - B. Nothing overly impressive, although he did a good job on the safety blitz (he usually does). He is a limited player, but within his limited capacity, he does a very good job (blitzes and run support). Basically, the same old Sam Shade.

Terrell - C. Nothing wonderful to speak of, and was caught coming over late when were playing zone.

Ohalate - A. Made several excellent plays, both in the secondary and on special teams. This has been discussed in several threads, so I won't elaborate.

Andre Lott - C+. He is a big hitter, with plenty of potential, but he's still getting caught out of position. He has starter potential down the road, but he's not nearly polished enough in the offense to be put in as a starter without being afraid of mental lapses.

More to come... feel free to agree/disagree/add some more player grades.

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Well we all know that a grade of D for the dynamic duo will be a rarity in the regular season

No grade for the O line?

Considering they went against a top 3 defense with only one stud O lineman to talk about (Jansen) I expected a B for pass protection.

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