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JC Pearson (Commentator for the Cards game)

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Not that this really has anything to do with the commentator, but Tiger Woods. It's just funny you mentioned that because the commentator(the other guy, not Madden) for the Packers/Lions game last night compared a punt to a tiger woods chip-shot, lol. They kicked the ball off and it hit the 1-yard line, then bounced backwards to the 3. I realize that's not the funniest thing ever, but it seemed funny at the time, lol.

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Was it me, or did JC Pearson look like Tiger Woods? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I will say, I thought he was pretty good with his commentating. I enjoyed listening to him. :2cents:

Yea he did look like Tiger, but his commentary was pretty good. He didnt side with one team or another like Baldinger. He was a neutral commentator.

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