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I have figured out what position Coach GIBBS is after...


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Really? I thought that was this years position? To be fair we did get a bonafide playmaker in Moss, but Patten is aging and didn't appear to make much an impact while he was in. The rest of the wideouts aren't much to talk about, but even if they do get open Brunell usually doesn't look at them.

I think we need a possession WR, sure, but we need a solid, young DE much more and a QB who isn't afraid to throw the ball downfield, or into coverage which Mark did a few times this week surprisingly (once for a thirty yard completion).

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Oh, I was thinking that yesterday as I watched the Colts. Life would be great to get that guy. Retrieving some good receivers along with Santana will make a significant difference, guaranteed. Even if it takes ridding Jacobs, Thrash and Patten so be it. Cooley, Farris have to stay.

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