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Famous Spurrier Quotes


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Famous Spurrier Quotes.

Steve Spurrier is often known for his witty comments that are humorous to Gator fans, but seen as fighting words by opposing fans and coaches. Coach Spurrier always says, "You aren't supposed to like your opponents... especially if they are beating you." Well, he is beating all his opponents and always has something to say about it.

After Florida State was involved in the Foot Locker Scandal (players going on shopping sprees at Foot Locker courtesy of boosters) after its National Championship season:

"You know what FSU stands for, don't you? Free Shoes University."

After this comment, he wondered aloud about all the shiny new cars in the FSU players' parking lot:

"I'm not saying anybody broke any rules; I'm just saying there was a feeling of, well, those kids are driving awfully nice cars. How's it happen?"

Commenting about Danny Wuerffel's lack of emotion regarding F$U's late hits:

"Danny's a New Testament kind of guy. He turns the other cheek. Now, I'm more of an Old Testament guy. You know, an eye for an eye."

After a blowout win over Kentucky in 1996:

"These sort of games don't prove very much. All it proves is we're better then Kentucky."

When asked if he was surprised at a dismal crowd at Vanderbilt in 1998:

"Surprised? It's Vandy. There must have been something good on TV."

When told Florida was 15 wins behind Georgia in the series and asked if he would be around to see Florida catch up:

"I don't know, 15 years is a long time."

When asked by reporters why he went for a last second passing touchdown in Athens against Georgia while the Gators had a huge lead:

"Because no visiting team has ever scored 50 points in this stadium and we wanted to be the first."

After Florida blew out LSU in 1996 after only scoring only 28 points against the Tigers in 1995 and knowing that LSU's defensive coordinator sent the 1995 game tape to the Nebraska Cornhuskers before the Fiesta Bowl disaster the year earlyer:

"Hopefully LSU's defensive coordinator won't be giving clinics on stopping the Gators next year."

After Kentucky tried several onside kicks in Florida's 1997 win:

"If I had a defense like Hal Mumme has, I would be trying them on every kickoff."

On Tennessee's 1998 success:

"If you play close games, you're not going to win them all. Miracles will not continue forever. Somebody asked me if Tennessee could go 13-0 again and I said, 'If some miracles keep happening for them, sure.' But you can't rely on miracles."

After Florida's 1996 win over Tennessee in Neyland Stadium:

"They said it was going to be real loud and I admit it was... during pre-game warm-ups."

On the destiny of Tennessee after the 1996 Florida win:

"You can't spell Citrus Bowl without UT."

On Tennessee's second straight appearance in the Citrus Bowl:

"They should hang a sign outside that says, "Winter Home of the Tennessee Volunteers."

When asked about how he felt being in "Big Orange" country by Tennessee reporters, Spurrier replyed:

"I thought this was Vanderbilt country."

After hearing that a fire in the Auburn athletic dormatory burned over 30 books:

"The real shame was that over half of them hadn't even been colored yet."

When South Carolina booed a late Florida touchdown in 1997:

"We haven't had anybody mad at us in a while for scoring. We needed that."

After the 1996 game against Arkansas when Florida won 47-7, when jogging off the field a angry Arkansas fan shouted, "Run it up some more! You've go not class Spurrier!" Spurrier shouted back:

"We love it when you accuse us of that."

On the 1998 Florida Gator Football team:

"We didn't play up to our potential last year. We only scored 50 points once and only one team accused us of running up the score."

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