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Next Two Games: Most Important of Season


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Dallas and NYG's schedules are fairly tough including their next two games:

They have some tough teams left and we are in the softer part of our schedule.

Dallas vs. Denver- Nov.24 Dallas will Lose

NYG at Seattle- Nov. 27 New York will lose

Dallas at NYG- Dec.4 Toss Up but lets hope Dallas Loses (read reason why below)

Dallas will fall to Denver on Turkey Day, and NYG will fall to Seattle on Sunday. So if we beat the Chargers on Sunday, then we will be one spot out of a tie for second place in the division. The following week, NYG plays Dallas in the Meadowlands, so one of them will drop. While we play the Rams, one of them will be out of 1st place. So if we win the next 2 and are 7-5, we can possibly be in second place because either dallas or NYG will have lost 5 games as well (considering they both lose this week) and if it is Dallas that drops 2 in a row, then we will be in 2nd place in the division because we own the tiebreaker over them. But if it is NYG who lose the next two, then we will be tied for second place record wise, but will essentially be in third place because the NYG own the tie breaker over us.

So We have to root for Dallas to lose the next 2 :dallasuck

and the Giants to beat Dallas and go 1-1 in their next 2

Oh Yea, we also have to win 2 in a row, to have a shot

So Gooooo Skins!!!!!!!!!! :point2sky

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I really don't think we "own" the tiebreaker over them because we still have to play them. And NY doesn't "own" the tiebreaker over us because we still play them again also.

TB OWNS the tiebreaker against us because we play them one time this year...and they won.

Nobody owns a tiebreaker in the NFC East except Dallas, and they own it over Philly.

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