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System of a Down - Hypnotize


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System of a Down has been my favorite band since 1998 when they dropped their debut. I played Toxicity nonstop for at least 6 months, Steal This Album i liked cause I had heard most of it when they were still sessioning, and Mesmerize has been in my car and home since it came out in May.

Now Hypnotize comes out tomorrow and I will for sure be at Target to pick it up in the wee hours of the AM. I actually got the chance to listen to the album, and I must say its easily as good, and arguably better than Mesmerize.

Radio/Video on Mesmerize is still the best song on either of the two albums, but Hypnotize holds up well.

Some things to point out about it:

Daron (the Guitarist) still sings heavily on the album

Vocal Harmonies of Mesmerize still featured in Hypnotize

War in Iraq motifs still present, and moreso this time around

I will say one thing though, lets say you are entirely pro-war, or find politically aware music annoying, you will still enjoy this album as it rocks non-stop, as System of a Down always has. They have something for everybody.

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