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Because Redskin fans have the biggest hearts


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They can call the Dallas Cowboys America's team all they want but in my opinion the Washington Redskins have the biggest and best fan base in the NFL and maybe in all of sports.

The league adding the Panthers and Ravens certainly cut into Redskin country but whatever fans we lost due to that weren't the type of people we want on our side anyway. Still a proud North Carolina Redskin fan here, the hell with Carolina Kittens.

I know this isn't the right forum for this but it gets the most traffic.

I recently had a good night of poker and made $500 or so. I was thinking about what to do with it since i'm young, no real bills, its just free money to spend basically. I saw a commercial for the Ronald McDonald Houses on tv the other day and I found my answer.

I can't think of a better thing to do then take that money and buy some Christmas gifts for kids that could really use a smile.

I'm calling on the most classy fans in all of sports, that being you guys the Washington Redskins fans to do the same.

I'd imagine there are alot of young die heart Redskin fans all around the D.C. area. Think of the smile you'll put on one of these kids face to show up with anything Redskin related.

You can do a google search for the Ronald McDonald House's in your area and if you email them and they will give you the kids Christmas Wish List.

These kids and their families could use anything that takes their mind off of the reality of whats going on if only for a minute. With the medical cost and missing work to spend time with their sicks kids these parents aren't left with alot of funds for Christmas shopping. I've done stuff like this before when I was in college, believe me whatever time and money you spend will be the best use of both you've probably ever done.

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Very nice gesture on your part i hope you continue that,i also agree that skins fans have the biggest heart (dont care about fan #),and would also like to help out in such charity works (already donate to sheriffs and vet fund) i am also a poker player and good,but alas since the curse of bad beats affect all decent players ,i am unable to donate this month,but if i ever win the wsop against 9000 players in the future and win 15 mill then my salary cap is off and can help more hehe.

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