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those are some of the games they have reviewed so far, very good scores seeing as how this is the launch lineup, all the ea sport games were built from the ground up for the 360, so they lack a lot of features, but def. showcase the systems power....

ill be picking the system up monday night along w/ call of duty 2, i played the demo and the game is just incredible

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I can't wait for Perfect Dark Zero!!! CoD2 looks amazing but I'm going to skip it. I play on Live more than I do the single player stuff, and CoD2 only supports 8 players on live total.

I'll be picking up Pefect Dark Zero, Madden, PGR3, and Kameo to start off with.

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Yeah that kind of sucks about CoD2 only having 8 people online.

And I hear it's only 10 hours long or so.

I was going to skip it myself, but after playing it, I'm definitly hyped about playing it.

So I'll get it and beat it, then take it back in 2 weeks for trade.

I think Perfect Dark Zero comes out at the beginning of Dec.

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"LA-based developer has brought a piece of the war into the living room that's so intense, loud, and rocking, that I had to stop every so often just to calm my own nerves. " - IGN on Call of Duty 2

"The experience is so packed full of fighting, constant gunfire, and continual chatter from teammates and enemies that eight hours will flash by in an instant. To say COD2 is chaotic, fast-paced and gripping is to sell the game short. " IGN on Call of Duty 2

This game was made for both PC and the 360.

Comparing the game from a "high-end PC" to the 360 version, "the Xbox 360 version looks superior."

"You remember that feeling you got when you watched Saving Private Ryan for the first time?

It's just like that!" - Sunstone :D

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