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Doesn't It make you Sad?

To see how deep into the sewage a bunch of politicans and their supporters will swim to topple the administration to regain power regardless of the lives lost?

A Booming Economy has been downplayed.

The successes in the War on Terror have been ignored.

A bogus Commitee about Oil gouging is presented for the public to vent against the oil companies while we are supposed to ignore the restrictions on drilling offshore, in Alaska, mining Shale in Utah and Montana, building refineries while also mandating over 30 special oil blends for cities and the high tax on the fuel.

2000 Deaths of my service members was celebrated by false outrage and crocodile tears by group that doesn't blink when 2 million babies are slaughtered annually here because they are an inconvience.

And of course even with their leadership on video and audio verbalizing the exact same thing about Iraq back in 1998 to 2003 we are supposed to believe that the Liberals, the UN and the rest of the civilized countries were snookered in 2003.

We are supposed to believe that they support the troops when pedophiles get more respect from liberals.

This is a group that apparently has no problem with America losing as long as it means them getting seats in 2006 and the white house in 2008.

But on what platform?

Cut and run, raise taxes, stifle growth, force a change in driving habits by artificial creating an oil shortage so people can by a yugo err primus?

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