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Great place to watch the game?


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Hey guys, any place around here that has some nice sofas, some place chill to watch the game and not too crowded? A place where I can have some space with my girl and hang out? I know I can always watch it at my place but wanted a change of scenery? Any suggestions. I'm located in Montgomery County but willing to go around even the College Park/Baltimore/Northern VA area maybe? Any help appreciated!!

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Who knew there was an ESPNZone in Silver Spring :) haha.

Glory Days though isnt really a spot that wouldnt be so crowded? She just asked me to find a place with a couch! haha. If she wasn't so damn fine I wouldnt go outta my way to even look for this sorta place but she is so.....

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Anyone else?

Thanks guys.

Grand Slam Sports Bar in the Washington Grand Hyatt, near MCI Center (1000 H Street, N.W.). This is, in my opinion, the best sports bar around. There's lots of little nooks, and places to relax, and plenty of tv's. Plus, if you call their hotline (202-637-4789 ext. 1) you can find what games are playing on their 27 televisions...3 of which are big screens. Plus, they have very good bar food.



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