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Admins- Sweet New Header


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The header is sweet, but Jeezum Crowe, you have to change that coach avatar, which is not only a picture of Marty Schottenheimer's body with Steve Spurrier's head, but is also a KC jersey with an Indian head superimposed, that's bothered the hack out of me for the last year. Come on man!!!

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Thanks for the compliments guys... Ive been working on prototypes for this for a month now. You wouldnt believe the bloody nose and black eye DieHard & I swapped as we fought over the final product... :cool:

To CBM... cut me some slack man.... I had NOTHING good of Marty and Nothing good of Steve, so i had to improvise :) And Art is the only one with the damn thing and he never complained ;)

I now have some good material of SOS, so an upgrade there will be on its way sometime next week.

Ok, I am off on personal business in in Valley Forge, PA... sorry to abandon the Geo Challenged, but I will be among you guys tomorrow.

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