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Redskins rally


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We got our butts kicked yesterday.

So what it's over.

We can't do anything about yesterday. But we can do something about Sunday night and the rest of the season.

Redskin fans you have two choices. We can rally around our & we can stick together.

Or we can just quit.

We have a huge game next week. A game we (as fans ) could have a huge say in. I pesonally will be in Fed EX screaming my head of.

I refuse to quit. My heart just won't let me. I know I won't quit. I know Joe Gibbs and the skins won't quit. The only question is are you with us?

If so let's put the giants game behind us and go beat those Eagles.

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yep, this is are butt kickin for the year. I can't see the Skins playing this bad the rest of the year. We only have 1 division loss so far and it was on the road and I know the Skins are more like the team that we've seen at home this yr than the team that showed up yesterday. This is our eye opening game for the rest of the season.

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56..... i'm with you as well...

but i think a lot of our xtreme bothers and sisters are acknowledging a few glaring issues that if not addressed soon... we'll be sitting at 7-9 again.

Those big plays are killing us..... yes it was 1 game... but we gave up similar LONG runs to the g-AnTS, the Chefs, the Seagulls, the Denver Bongos, and what, a 70+ yard run against the Gold Diggers, excuse me, the 35ers........ at some point, we need to plug that hole up...

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