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I was at the game, i never felt like such ****.


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Who ever in a million years thought we would get blown out like that. I went to last year game at Meadowland and that was a bad game. But damn getting shutout by the 30th best defense that sucks. Our wr were dropping everything. Eli was shut down, but what was the point when we made tiki look like rooney hampton. Im from Newark, NJ and i was seating in section 107 and i saw so many burgandy shirts i thought we had a chance to take over that stadium. But now i can't wait to go down to Landover for the first time in my life and destory the Giants. The giants fan don't deserve that win. They talk to much to get a win like that. Im feel bad for those redskins fan who came up here from D.C. just to get embarassed like that. But don't worry come christmas eve we win a important divisonal game. If we beat the Giant at landover i think it will have such a bigger meaning than losing this one now. Because i think the NFC East is gonna be close. So if we beat them we will probably take them out of the playoffs and that will be so much sweater. How come Gibbs didn't test them deep. Every team that plays the giants gets a 100 receiver and a 300 yr passer. We are the first not to do that to them. Now they think they have a great defense. I can't wait:mad:

We need pay back

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Sat in section 102...Never been so miserable in my life...Finally couldn't take it anymore and left with three minutes to go in the game, to a seranating of "a-holes, a-holes" from the giants fans...I'm pretty down right now but im sure by wednesday I should be gettin hyped up for the philly game, hopefully we'll be ok..

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