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Anyone that has played a team sport at or above the college level knows what a team looks like when they just do not show up to play. I played baseball in college and there were times I could tell just by pre game infield if we or the other team was just there phoning it in.

The Redskins definately phoned this one it, it seemed like the game was over after the first play of the game, where Barber ran the ball for close the 70 yards.

Terrible effort and an all around joke. I don't care that some 90 year old guy died, thats no excuse to get out worked by a team in every part of the game.

They acted like they were at the funeral for this guy and were trying to be respectful by being as non-agressive as possible.

After 2 Redskin loses to the Broncos and Chiefs that were very close I was asked what is worse, losing a close heart breaker or just getting killed, I know the answer, getting killed is worse. I can handle hard faught loses, but there was no fight in the Skins today, I am just completely disgusted with the effort.

We will see what this team is made up next week vs the Eagles in Washington. I expect the real Redskins to show up and lay a similiar beating on the Eagles that the Giants handed us today.

Don't give up Skins fans, pull for the Broncos to beat the Eagles and know we got a big game next week against the Eagles and we got another shot at the Giants.

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