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Chin up--- all is not lost


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this game could be 36-0 or 36-35.... its a loss. we are still over .500. screw this game and the giants emotion, lets go back to the board and get ready for next week. plain fact is we've beat the cowboys who beat us who beat nyg. key game will be next week. we still havent lost at home, lets hope that keeps us pumped for next week.

hail to the redskins.

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i want to believe you, and i do. i think we are a better team than this. this is just one of the hardest games to sit through, and i'm surprised i haven't turned it off yet.

the Redskins need to work the hardest they ever have in practice this week, and i really want to see what Gibbs has to say about it.

ramsey just got sacked....

we just got shut out.

stay strong.

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