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Mark Brunell Interview in New York


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Mark Brunell was on "The Boomer Esiason Show" on MSG this week. It is a local New York show in which Boomer Esiason interviews people in sports. This week it was Joe Torre and Mark Brunell. Below is the gist of the entire interview. Obviously not all of them are exact quotes, but it is pretty close.

BE: You found a fountain of youth, how much fun are you having?

MB: Lot of fun, especially after last season. Being 4-2 after 6 games is big for us, we are in the hunt. Good times right now.

BE: I was calling the Dallas games for radio and thought that even with 8 quarters left I don't know if the Redskins could win this game. "Wow, what a miracle." What did this game do for you and your confidence.

MB: It was big for us obviously. For three quarters we did nothing. Two right calls at the right time and Santana was able to get behind the safeties and just a lot of cofidence was built that day. Looking back it kick started our offense. Seems to be a turning point for this season.

BE: What about Santana. Lavernous Coles complained his way out of the Redskins last season. Any idea that Santana was as good as he is?

MB: No idea. Santana is so explosive. Nothing he can't do on the field. Not the biggest guy, great speed, great route running. Find ways to get ball in his hands. Last year that was our problem we couldn't get the ball downfiled. Now with Santana and David Patten were getting the ball downfiled, which is nice.

BE: A lot thought the game had passed Joe Gibbs by. But he has shown he still has some tricks up his sleave. What is it like working with Joe Gibbs?

MB: "Been great." Some things never change. You still have to out hit and be physical and smart. Admittedly, the X's and O's have changed a bit, but were doing the right things. No turnovers, big plays and good defense you will win and we are doing those things.

BE: You are Coming back to NY and will see old friend Tom Coughlin. Are you surprised how they are doing offensively?

MB: No, I would be surprised if they weren't doing things offensively. Eli is playing well, Coughlin is a good coach. It was an honor to play for him and he knows how to coach a young quarterback. Playing very well, good core of guys, and their defense is playing very well. We have our work cut out for us this weekend.

BE: You're off to a great start, re-establishing yourself as one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL. Looks like you're having a lot of fun. I'll tell Vinny Testeverde that you are thinking of him.

MB: Thanks Boomer.

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Mark Brunnell is a class act. You can say that about the majority of players on our team but Brunnell is really making our offense click right now. If anyone has taken on Gibbs' personality on this team its him and you can just go down the list from there. He could be telling everyone in the media and even the multitudes of Skins fans that booed him off the field last year "I told you guys I could play...It wasn't me last year, it was the offense and the players around me who were stinking it up...the system was ancient". But he never does that. I saw in another interview he mentions that our deep passing game is 80% Moss and 20% Brunnell. This from the top rated passer in the NFC, amazing. Our entire team has a "team 1st" attitude, thats going to go a long way as the season goes on. Having a team as mentally tough as ours doesn't happen by mistake, Gibbs brought in Brunnell for his charactar, his leadership, his veteran mind, and his arm, in that order.

If you want to see the difference class, humility, mental toughness, and a team 1st attitude can make, compare our team to the Vikings. Many picked them to win the NFC this year, others thought Culpepper was in the running for the MVP. I defy anyone to find a preseason prediction that puts us ahead of the Vikings. That just goes to show you that Gibbs still has it. It made me sick listening to media clowns who know nothing about football say the game has passed Joe by. Gibbs gets more out of his players than anyone in the league and his charactar before anything else approach to signing free agents and drafting rookies has made our team one of the most cohesive, mentally tough, and best executing teams in the league...on both sides of the ball. We all see now that some things just don't change, and Joe Gibbs is one of them. :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy

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