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A little Gator/Spurrier Trivia...

Dirk Diggler

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From the game at Mississippi State in 2000. Courtesy of my man Fred Smoot.

Pre-Game Pep Rally:

Smoot wore a Gator tooth around his neck and said tomorrow they would come home with the tail.

Game Notes:

Florida had -78 yards rushing.

Florida was 0 for 4 on 4 down conversions.

Mississippi State defense had 7 total sacks, and one forced safety.

Mississippi State offense had 385 yards rushing, 166 yards passing, and had 517 total yards.

Miller had 172 yards and Walker had 156 yards rushing.

Largest crowd ever at Scott Field (43,816).

Mississippi State has interceptions 15 of the last 16 games and 27 of the last 30 contests.

Spurrier is 0-2 in Starkville.

MSU has defeated Florida three times in a row at Scott Field.

MSU extends its home winning streak to 13, 6th longest streak in the nation.

Smoot Stats:

1 Interception (2nd of season, 7th of MSU career), 4 Unassisted Tackles, 1 Assisted tackles, and 1 Pass deflection.

14 of 57 total passes to the right side (24.6%).

2 completions on his man, one for 8 yards and one for a 1 yard loss.

Florida started flushing Smoot out and down the field in order to throw to the right inside WR in the 2nd quarter.

Florida started sending three wide outs to the left side instead of Smoot's side late in the 2nd quarter.

Smoot Post Game Quotes:

"How 'bout that. They wanted us -- they got us. Maybe we'll see them again if we're both lucky enough to get to Atlanta. Either way, they'll remember this one for a long, long time."

On Spurier taking an intentional safety: "I think he probably knew we would have gotten the safety anyway"

"They didn't want to put Gaffney over on me. They didn't want him to see me again because I wouldn't let him off the line."

On Florida Smack: "[The Florida receivers said] all kinds of things like I'm not as good as I think that I am. That they were going to burn me. I said, well come on and burn me."

"We dominated them. We didn't slip up and just beat them, we dominated them. From the first quarter until the last quarter, we beat them. If a receiver caught a pass, they paid for it. That's why their fingers started getting shorter and shorter."

"I think we have come together as a team."

"At the end of the game, (Florida receiver Jabar) Gaffney didn't even want to look at me. There was a lot of talking about the beginning. They went out with the 'we're better than you' attitude. They said we didn't have the offense to beat them. Toward the end, their heads went down, and I really started yappin'."

"I told him (Spurrier), 'It's too late. If we had another quarter, you might have had a chance,'"

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