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What can I expect to see tonight????

Chief skin

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He will rotate quarterbacks by the quarter. The receivers will rotate. Gotta find out who is real and who is memorex.

Betts and ROCK will see playing time. Greg Scott will see playing time. I think starters will see limited playing time to save them, allow for the backups and bubble guys time, and to keep them from the possibility of an injury.



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Sage will probably play the first 2 quarters, and SF will have all their defensive scrubs in for the 2nd quarter. Look for the play to be more even then. We'll probably get the majority of our scoring done late in the game, sort of like last year's preseason.

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What I'm looking for is poise on the part of Sage Rosenfels. Financially, this is the most important game he's ever played and I want to see some polish after a year of totin' the clipboard.

The 49ers will be looking to give Barlow and Terry Jackson some time at RB. I don't see them risking Garcia for long...surely no more than a quarter. I'm not sure who they've got in reserve. Tim Rattay and who?

I'd sure like to see the offensive line show it can handle the rush.

Don't we have to play these guys again during regular season? If so, that lends itself toward a vanilla game plan. But this is Spurrier's debut and I don't think his ego and vanilla can co-exist. Expect some trickery.

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