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From the WP article I just submitted in the news forum.

2002 Redskins Salaries

Name Position Salary 
Ethan Albright Snapper $650,000 
Reidel Anthony Wide Receiver $525,000 
Jessie Armstead Linebacker $750,000 
Donovan Arp Defensive Tackle $300,000 
LaVar Arrington Linebacker $860,000 
Champ Bailey Cornerback $450,000 
Bryan Barker Punter $750,000 
Rashad Bauman Cornerback $225,000 
Ladell Betts Runningback $225,000 
Wilbert Brown Center $300,000 
Thad Buttone Fullback $225,000 
Rock Cartwright Fullback $225,000 
Reggie Coleman Tackle $225,000 
Brett Conway Kicker $525,000 
Delbert Cowsette Defensive Tackle $300,000 
Donte Curry Linebacker $300,000 
Stephen Davis Runningback $3,000,000 
Chris Doering Wide Receiver $375,000 
Santana Dotson Defensive Tackle $750,000 
Tim Engelhardt Defensive Tackle $225,000 
Shamar Finney Linebacker $225,000 
Zeron Flemister Tight End $375,000 
Dan Frantz Kicker $225,000 
Rod Gardner Wide Receiver $300,000 
Robert Gillespie Runningback $225,000 
Kenneth Grant Cornerback $225,000 
Jeff Grau Snapper $225,000 
Darrell Green Cornerback $860,000 
Jacquez Green Wide Receiver $525,000 
Ron Israel Defensive Back $225,000 
Bernard Jackson Defensive Lineman $225,000 
Ladairis Jackson Defensive End $225,000 
Jon Jansen Tackle $563,500 
Bryan Johnson Fullback $300,000 
Emmett Johnson Wide Receiver $225,000 
Rod Jones Guard $600,000 
Ricot Joseph Defensive Back $225,000 
Dustin Keith Offensive Lineman $225,000 
Otis Leverette Defensive End $300,000 
Kevin Lockett Wide Receiver $525,000 
Andre Lott Saftey $225,000 
David Loverne Guard $450,000 
Lemar Marshall Linebacker $225,000 
Eddie Mason Linebacker $525,000 
Shane Matthews Quarterback $650,000 
Darnerien McCants Wide Receiver $300,000 
Ivan Mercer Tight End $225,000 
Kevin Mitchell Linebacker $650,000 
Larry Moore Center $525,000 
Ifeanyi Ohalete Saftey $300,000 
Melvin Paige Tackle $225,000 
Antonio Pierce Linebacker $300,000 
Carl Powell Defensive Lineman $450,000 
Sean Powell Defensive Lineman $225,000 
Patrick Ramsey Quarterback Unsigned 
Walter Rasby Tight End $650,000 
Sage Rosenfels Quarterback $300,000 
Robert Royal Tight End $225,000 
Cliff Russell Wide Receiver $225,000 
Chris Samuels Tackle $375,000 
Greg Scott Defensive End $225,000 
Kato Serwanga Cornerback $525,000 
Sam Shade Saftey $650,000 
Justin Skaggs Wide Receiver $225,000 
Akil Smith Offensive Lineman $225,000 
Bruce Smith Defensive End $3,500,000 
Chandler Smith Defensive Back $225,000 
Wayne Smith Offensive Lineman $225,000 
Fred Smoot Cornerback $300,000 
Leonard Stephens Tight End $225,000 
Alex Sulfsted Offensive Lineman $300,000 
David Terrell Saftey $389,000 
Derrius Thompson Wide Receiver $563,000 
Jeremiah Trotter Linebacker $525,000 
Ross Tucker Offensive Lineman $300,000 
Kipp Vickers Offensive Lineman $650,000 
Mark Washington Cornerback $225,000 
Jimmy Watkins Runningback $225,000 
Kenny Watson Runningback $300,000 
Dan Wilkinson Defensive Tackle $650,000 
Danny Wuerffel Quarterback $525,000 
Renaldo Wynn Defensive End $525,000 
   Total: $36,800,000 

Note: Most NFL players' salaries are not guaranteed, meaning that the team does not pay the player his prescribed salary for the season unless he is on the roster. Players earn 1/17th of their annual salary for each week they're on the roster during the regular season. Source: NFL Players Association

Signing Bonuses Paid in 2002

Veteran Free Agents 
Name Position Bonus 
Jeremiah Trotter Linebacker $7,000,000* 
Renaldo Wynn Defensive End $3,500,000 
Jessie Armstead Linebacker $1,250,000 
Rod Jones Guard $500,000 
Larry Moore Center $500,000 
Jacquez Green Wide Receiver $225,000 
Santana Dotson Defensive Tackle $25,000 
Shane Matthews Quarterback $25,000 
   Total: $13,025,000 

*Trotter's signing bonus actually will be paid in two installments, $1 million this year and $6 million in 2003. But under the tabulation method used by the NFL Players Association for teams' cash payrolls, all $7 million will count this year because that is when the signing bonus was contracted.

Name Position Bonus 
Patrick Ramsey Quarterback Not Signed 
Ladell Betts Runningback $1,325,000 
Rashad Bauman Cornerback $494,000 
Cliff Russell Wide Receiver $439,000 
Andre Lott Saftey $106,500 
Robert Royal Tight End $106,500 
Reggie Coleman Tackle $61,000 
Jeff Grau snapper $28,000 
Greg Scott Defensive End $30,000 
Rock Cartwright Fullback $22,000 
   Total: $2,612,500 

Source: NFL management, union and agent sources

Updated: July 23, 2002[/code]

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