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Skins on the verge of adding players???


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Interesting roster moves today with Bruce and Santana going on the PUP and Conway going on the Non-Football Injury list. Teams can carry only 80 players on their camp rosters. By my count, there are a total of 82 players on the roster. Three players (Chandler Smith, Dustin Keith, and Ivan Mercer) are exempt from the roster minimums by virtue of playing in NFL Europe, so this brings the active roster down to 79. The PUP/NFI moves bring the number down to 76. Ramsey signing would bump the total back to 77, leaving Coach Spurrier with three available slots to be filled.

Seems to me that they wouldn't have bothered with moving Smith, Conway, and Dotson off the active roster unless they had a reason to...(center, guard, DT)...

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