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Ravens owner suffers mild stroke


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I am sure no one wishes anyone to do worse, but I understand how he has sown some seeds of disgust. Maybe for once, all could cut him slack, because his hands cannot carry himself, but someone else's can.

I hope he never left an unkind word with those who preceeded him in a such a vulnerable position and wish him to have a good recovery.

He's still a throwback and character of the Old NFL and has allowed a new organization to take over.

Do I want the Ravens to succeed. Well now that's a different story :D

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Originally posted by Atlanta Skins Fan

A pretty good start.

The day he moved the Browns might be the darkest day in NFL history. Good thing he couldn't move the name along with the team.

To elaborate, I really think team owners don't understand (or aren't made to understand) their real role. "Owning" a team means owning the right to operate a team -- e.g., the Washington Redskins. If you can't make it work for you financially, you sell the team to someone who's willing to make it work. If no one can make it work and no one will buy the team, you sell the team back to the NFL. Then it's up to the NFL to decide whether a city should lose its right to a team -- and the NFL initiates the move to another city, if necessary. (And in the event of such a move, the team name stays with the original city. The new city gets a new team name.)

The (original) Cleveland Browns go back to the founding of the NFL and should never have been allowed to move. They have loyal, rabid fans. Modell had no moral right to move the team, and should have been blocked by the NFL.

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