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First i'll start of by saying it was a good show. I always enjoy when they show all the highlights from the entire year.

Anyway i have a question. Why wasnt Garrison Hearst nominated for comeback athlete of the year?

Ohhhhh yeah and i forgot to say it but that soccer play was amazing.

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Originally posted by Bufford

yes the wrestler won and no, Jeter shouldn't of won...especially since if I'm right, that replay shows that out to really be too close to call. I thought Tie goes to the runner.

Cael won the male college athlete of the year but overall he lost and it was complete BS. Cael Sanderson deserved male athlete of the year and best record-breaking performance. Don't get me wrong, what tiger has done is amazing, but what Cael did is worlds more impressive. 159-0 .. four time NCAA champion. You don't ever see an MLB team basically go undefeated for an entire season or even come close, do you? Tigers won many majors, but he's lost many as well. You never saw Cael lose at the midlands. Never saw him lose at the NCAA's or national duals .. just as prestigious tournaments in wrestling as majors are in golf. Cael is the greatest collegiate wrestler ever, better than Gable, and he got screwed.

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