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How about spliting 2005 redskins tickets?

Guest Xtrmskn04

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Guest Xtrmskn04

I have 4 redskins season tickets. Section 448 Row 29. I would like to find someone to split the tickets with me. I have a work project that will keep me from going to certain games. So I have decided I will sell 4 tickets to the following games for face value.

Bengals August 19th

Bears September 11th

Eagles November 6th

Raiders November 20th

Giants December 24th

So if you would like to go to a few redskins games but don't want to invest in a complete season of tickets, let me know. The cost is $1180 which is $59 per ticket (face value).

I will accept payment by cashiers check or paypal. Tickets will be overnighted to you once I receive payment.

Also, if I can't go to any of the other games because of work (which is possible) I will give you the opportunity to purchase the tickets for that game also.

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