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Originally posted by dg28daman

A few years ago, a rumor went around that the 49ers had offered us T.O for Rod Gardner and a first round pick. My question is this. If the Eagles offered us this trade, and you were the Redskins GM, would you do it?

If philly was that stupid then yes. However they have a smart front office so they would never make a division team that much better while taking our trash. We dont even have a first round pick next year.

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Gibbs dealing with TO is so overblown. That would be solved if we gave TO a long term deal.

The real relationship problem would be TO and Patrick Ramsey.

TO expects nothing less than the best from his QB's and Ramsey has not shown that he's even in the same league as McNabb or as Garcia when he was in SF.

I mean he's outing 2 Pro Bowl QB's in the media, what do you think he'd do to Ramsey?

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