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Original Redskins Super Bowl Programs!!


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I am continuing my quest to raise funds to travel and see the skins this year.

So, now I'm offering the official Super Bowl programs from Super Bowls 17 and 26. Both programs are in great shape, no bent/torn pages, etc.... The edges are slightly frayed, but it's very minor. The Super Bowl 17 program is 144 pages and includes all kinds of features and views from around the league in 1982. The Super Bowl 26 program is 252 pages and includes features, stats, etc... as well as special trading card insert.

I'm not looking to fleece anyone here and I'd like for a skins fan to wind up with these. I will sell each one for $25 a piece, or if you buy them together, I'll sell them for a total of $45. I will take care of all shipping--$45 total. I honestly can't say how much these are "worth," but I think this is a fair price all things considered.

I'll take the first offer I get. Please email me at edskin1@cox.net.


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