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Wow! What a weekend. Hours and hours of audio, video and commentary about the Redskins! Thank you Extremeskins, Hogs.net and the Warpath.net for a job very well done. And thank you Redskins (thank you Danny and Coach Gibbs) for providing these web sites access to mini-camp. It provided us loyal fans with a wealth of multimedia information. I truly wonder if there’s any other team in the league (or in any other sport for that matter) that has done for its fans what the Redskins did this past weekend. I, and I’m sure thousands of fans, certainly hope this unprecedented fan/media access continues through training camp, the preseason and the regular season. My only disappointment was that the question I posed (“what the changes are to the offense, particularly changes to the run blocking scheme and to the short and deep passing game”) received only a “sssshhhhhhhhhhh“ from Coach Gibbs! If it’s not too late, I’ll settle for a copy of the playbook. Oh yeah, I also didn’t see the video I requested of the Santana Moss vs. Antonio Brown 40 yard dash. In any case, and to paraphrase Coach Greg Williams: It truly is a proud time to be a Redskin. Again Kudos, Kudos, Kudos to Danny, Coach Joe and the finest organization in pro sports: OUR Washington Redskins!!!!

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