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what do you think we need to do?


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Last year we didn’t have that much of a passing game but we had some good WR. We did use our TE a lot, which was a good idea. Another problem was that we didn't change our passing plays up enough. I think at one point Joe Gibbs had the QB’s scared to even throw the ball down field especially when Ramsey was in. Because of our lack in passing the ball; Portis was fresh meat to the defense. They knew the ball was going to him and the O’line was probably going to run that play when they pull the Tackle and the Guard so Portis could run behind some big players. (We all know Portis hates to run behind fat linemen):laugh:

What do you guys think We will be doing this year with the passing game and adjustments? And what kind of plays we might run and should run?


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Originally posted by jimster

a five RB backfield.

This way we can hand the ball off to a RB and he can have 4 other backs surround him like a wall, like some teams do on kick returns.:paranoid:

Illegal formation.


5 Runngbacks in the backfield.

10 yard penalty.

Repeat the down.


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All or most of the successful teams in the NFL have quarterbacks that know they are the leader of their team year after year. Consequently, each year they get better. Until we establish some continuity, we will continue to be mediocre. Contrary to what some people think, quarterback competition/controversy is not condusive to a team's psychological health.

Plain and simple, we need a franchise quarterback.

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