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Glazer on my boy B. Johnson!


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Redskins fullback Bryan Johnson: Johnson is a converted linebacker from Boise State, signed by the 'Skins as an undrafted free agent before the 2000 season, a year he spent the majority of on the Washington practice squad. His biggest battle is whether or not the Redskins will be able to get Johnson involved. However, a few personnel people feel he's too good to waste and if Washington can't use him, somebody else will.

"Bryan Johnson has great hands, very good run skills, he can be used in a one-back set and he'll hit you," said the VP of personnel for one NFC team. "He may end up being too talented for Spurrier to waste. They may have to get him on the field."

Spurrier said as much last month when he admitted Johnson might end up getting the ball "quite a bit more than some fullbacks have in the past."

"If he was a fullback in a West Coast offense, he'd get some votes as a Pro Bowl guy," said the personnel director. "He's also a beast special teams player."

He was on this guys list of unknowns to watch.

CBS Sportsline

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well, my question beyond the Snyder issue is what did Coleman see in Jacksonville?

this is a team like Baltimore that was stripped of much of its talent in the offseason. if the money was not the best, what was the draw? it can't be to be on a contender.

maybe he likes Florida, having played his first years with the Dolphins? :)

otherwise, I might have used the contract offer to jangle some more change out of the Redskins.

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