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  1. Yeah, it’s called the dad bod. Unfortunately he’ll be broken in half by that point so won’t help too much.
  2. You do if the alternative is skinny Justin Fields. Or Alex Smith with sprinter speed if you want to be an optimist.
  3. Just take JJ or Maye. This guy clearly would prefer not to be here. How many times did Caleb have to say he was okay going to Chicago. Once by my recollection and it never came up again, seems like JD is clearly trying to put out smoke he’d rather not be here without coming across like a total diva.
  4. Weeping would be an improvement. Im going to be royally PO’d on what should be one the most exciting nights in recent memory for the team. Disappointing doesn’t even come close to covering it. Please just let them take JJ if they aren’t sold on Maye. 🙏
  5. Maybe as an Alex Smith style guy once his legs go? His arm isn’t anything special, usually those guys who have super long careers in one place have arm strength to spare as they move into their mid 30’s. JD doesn’t have that IMO. He’d be a guy I’d be really nervous about giving a long term big money second contract to regardless of how the rookie contract plays out.
  6. Unfortunately I fear you might be right. The optimistic view IMO is he starts out on fire until the nagging injuries start to accumulate and gradually sap him of his explosiveness by the end of his rookie deal or shortly thereafter. Sort of like Mariota except he didn’t come out of the gate all that strongly but the minor injuries took their toll rather than a single catastrophic one.
  7. 1. Bears take Caleb 2. Washington takes Maye 3. Pats take McCarthy 4 Arizona takes MHJ 5. Vikings trade up and take Daniels
  8. Personally I find winning more fun than watching YouTube highlight videos while waiting for our qb to come back from his latest injury but that might just be me. 🤷‍♂️
  9. There’s at least a half dozen good reasons to pass on Daniels but that ain’t one of em.
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