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  1. For those worried about quantity, I hear you. But it’s about time we started worrying about quality instead.
  2. I’m sure Messrs Peters and Quinn will have thought about that and will have a plan of attack. I for one won’t miss Charles Leno
  3. Wouldn't dismiss it out of hand. If the cost is a second this year and a first next year, Peters might have enough confidence in his own scouting ability to find pieces further down the draft to surround a 1st overall pick with, especially if there's a consensus slam dunk selection amongst himself Quinn and Kingsbury at 1.
  4. If ... Peters, Quinn, Kingsbury all agree that Caleb is QB1, then seriously negotiate a trade up. If not then don't. I know we have many holes etc etc. but no-one seriously believes they're all going to be plugged in one off season anyway, get the QB right and the rest will fall into place over time.
  5. I've made no secret that I really wasn't a fan of the DQ hire, that said I was impressed with the presser yesterday, I thought he spoke well and liked his answer about how he's developed since Atlanta. I like his hires at the co ordinator positions and I like that he seems to have a strong relationship with Peters. Cautious reasons for optimism, I hope he proves me wrong for doubting him.
  6. Quinn has thrived as DC when given lets face it two great units in Seattle and Dallas. In those times he got to coach the likes of Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Michael Bennett, Bobby Wagner, Micah Parsons, Steph Gilmore, Trev Diggs I can go on and on. So getting that amount of talent to work with doesn't really tell me much about him, the 5 years in Atlanta where he was running the show that's where you learn about him, he churned out mediocre defences every year bar 2017, and we all know how reliant his success was on Kyle Shanahan. I was really hoping that Washington would be the 49ers in this scenario, taking the young offensive mind or at least being patient until the right one came up rather than committing years of a rebuild to mediocrity, I suspect what we'll see is a young OC like Kubiak come in, then if he does well he'll be off to a progressive franchise and another face will be added to the list of ex coaches. There's never been anything to suggest that outside of having Kyle Shanahan, Quinn can pull away from a .500 record so I think we've got a number of years of picking between 12 - 16 ahead of us, again, deep joy.
  7. Acting like we all weren’t saying Ron was connected and respected this time 4 years ago, it’s so amusing to watch folk try and trick themselves into the same trick they fell for literally 4 seasons ago 😆
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