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  1. Threw what should have been 5-6 INT's vs. an even competent Defense. To each their own. As a Jets Fan I have a special relationship with awful QB play. Rypien was pretty horrible, and doesn't really belong on an NFL field IMO. But I also don't have a love for his Uncle as you all do. Nostalgia is a powerful drug.
  2. Jets Fan (in DC) here: Rypien was awful. Truly awful, vs. any legitimate Defense he would have been tragic, production wise. He got his win and good for him, but he looked like what he is, a practice quad #3/#4 type QB. The WFT is missing nothing by not having him beyond nostalgia value.. The 2020 Jets are, unquestionably, one of the worst teams in NFL history. They have almost no legit talent (Crowder, Becton......er.......) and again have near the most injuries in the NFl, 2nd year running. Our Coach is a joke, out QB a bust, and our fanbase borderline insane at
  3. For a while, certainly. Time will shift who wears what. Almost surely not. Near impossible to enforce. Punched? Almost assuredly not, and almost certainly not for the gear. Arrested? Seriously? 1st Amendment still is a thing, mate. The Govt., i.e. the cops, can't arrest you for wearing a Skins Hat. Only if you want to destroy your own. Otherwise no. To some degree, probably. Everyone will have to do whatever they think is right. I can all but
  4. Probably not. I want them to, for purely selfish diversionary reasons, because we could sure use some diversions these days, but it's hard to see the sports now starting back up actually finishing the stump-seasons they're entering.
  5. I wouldn't expect anything on a permanent new name/permanent uniforms till at least the off-season after the 2020 season. Once this season starts, I think there won't be a peep about it from Snyder and Co. So they've bought 8-9 months, give or take. Should be plenty of time, barring a trademark disaster. So circa March/April 2021 is when I'd expect something, in time for the WFT's Draft Pick to wear the new hat/logo, whatever it may be.
  6. Not to burst bubbles, but I believe the Chargers now do it as of this year's redesign.
  7. Delaying the permanent name, not an issue. Bought themselves the proper amount of time to (hopefully) get it right. Temporary uniforms with numbers on the helmet, not horrid, I can see it being ok. Overall, no problem with this. It's one season. Hopefully they use the time to get the real name and uniforms right before 2021. And now it's official, they are no longer the Redskins, they have an official new name, ending that aspect as well. Team instead of Club IS a miss tho. And bad form releasing this news today, on Nats Opening Da
  8. Washington Redfins. New logo is a Shark Fin profile, replacing the N.A. profile. Everything else remains the same, colors/uniforms. HTTR survivies. No other sports team uses this name (easing name protection). So simple. So easy. Blood in the water.
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