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  1. While I admire the optimism, I don't think you should expect some kind of instant turnaround, this is going to take time to fix if indeed it can be fixed. The fundamental problem still remains and that's the owner. We've been the laughing stock of the NFL since the took over and I don't see why people think he'll have learned his lesson and have a change of heart now. The way I see it, nothing changes until Snyder sells the team. That's just the reality of the situation.
  2. Ok, welcome Jack, I hope you do well, and we still don't have a proper GM.
  3. I'll get excited when we have a proper GM and not an ass-kissing clown.
  4. He's doomed while Dan is still in charge. Nothing changes until Dan sells the team. Worst owner in the NFL.
  5. Nothing fundamentally changes while Dan still owns the team. However well-intentioned he has a history of meddling, incompetence and making poor appointments. This is just shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic.
  6. I don't think anything fundamentally changes under Snyder sells the team. He's not going to change now and (no matter how well-meaning) has a history of meddling, incompetence, and poor appointments. Nothing really changes otherwise. The culture of this franchise is poisonous. I see no reason for optimism.
  7. Allen has to be gone, not reassigned, but gone, otherwise no HC or GM stands a chance. The front office needs to be completely gutted and reorganized...and Dan needs to be hands-off. Will it happen? Of course not. If Dan hasn't seen the error of his ways by now, he's never going to change.
  8. Not if the rest of the team continues to suck. If we continue to stink it up as we have recently, then I'd say they'll both want to be gone in a couple of seasons.
  9. A horrible game between two poor, struggling teams and two QBs were apparently competing to see who could play worse. The overthrows are an issue, but taking selfies with fans like that? That's an attitude problem and seems to fit with all the other stories that have surrounded questions about his attitude and ethic, but it's also a good indication of how the culture in the team stinks, this shouldn't be happening. I don't mind a QB with ego and attitude if that's backed up by their play on the field, but this kid? Not so far.
  10. Jesus, how bad are the Lions? Almost as bad as us.
  11. Two really poor teams. The Lions have done their best to lose this, but somehow still find themselves winning.
  12. Unless we get a new GM and front office it doesn't matter who the coach is Bill Walsh couldn't do anything with this franchise under Bruce and co. The culture stinks.
  13. I think it's too soon to tell, he was only really productive in garbage time today.
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