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  1. Well thats just dumb thinking there... Fields and Haskins are nothing alike.. Please actually watch college football before you speak among adults. We would be lucky to get fields. All this team needs is a game manager .. Alex had proven that. Go root for clemson and the nose tiger fan.
  2. Thanks..... My coffee is now on my keyboard as I was reading that This triggered me yesterday: Its like you all wanted the name changed ... It happens and still the hate from everyone.
  3. Im Indian and Im singing HTTR after every touchdown we score.. looking forward to someone not Indian calling me out on it.... Literally I want that argument to happen. So I can tell them I can speak for myself and love the Redskins and damn proud of it. Is it bad that I’m looking forward to that confrontation ?
  4. Smartest post on this thread yet! I rank them: 1.Xmen First Class 2.Logan 3. Days of Future Past 4.X1 5.Apocaplyse 5.The Wolverine 6.X2 7.dark Phoenix 8.X3
  5. The Keim is probably the most level headed and least speculative journalist covering this team. I trust him more than a lot of the local guys. Hes slowly earning my Shefty level trust status lol
  6. Dan cant be that inept to really go with senti.... Wait what am I saying .. of course he could lol
  7. For the X-men fans... Would they run out of the tunnel with the tune from the best cartoon intro song ever ? “Ta-na-na-naa-nah” .... I hope this is just a Mistake
  8. Xmen sentinels haha.. So where do we go to get our Shane Falco jerseys from the Ohio State?
  9. Dan is going to let the heat of his current fire die down then announce ... he needs the team out of headlines for at least three weeks. that horrible story is unfortunately dying in the news cycle... now it's all about players blasting the NFL’s covid-19 response. Ill bet September they will announce the name.
  10. 31 other NFL teams right now are combing through exec ranks because their reporters are going to be reaching out to female employees. This is not the only place this has happened.. the sad thing is this happens everywhere at every company. I work for a tech company in NOVA .. you can see this behavior all the time everywhere. The NFL has been easy on issues like this... The NFL could decide to get ahead and come down hard on Dan but they wont because they know this is going on through out the league. 1. Cuban had this in 2018 2. Houston Astros the past two years
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