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  1. Good. Just like last year. And the year before. Eventually you will learn.
  2. Can’t wait for Sunday at 4:30pm. Be here either way it ends. If it ends good / have fun with me - Bad / have more fun
  3. See SI article around HOF possible active players. Yes - Not today as is. ...but he’s 29 and prob will play another 5-6 years and will more than likely have HOF TE numbers by then. And the other two TEs in front of him will be in. So probably going to happen if career continues at this pace. Joe Biden - is that you?
  4. You know his name. You were trying to be glib. You picked the wrong player to be glib about. You know he’s one of the greatest TEs of the last decade not named Gronk/Kelce and chose to be goofy. I was just answering your stupid joke with another stupid joke. If you want to go with a roster of “ who’s that guy/ what’s his ass” you might want to look close to home. Good day
  5. Can’t wait until Ertzs HOF induction , when they say “ and here is What’s His Ass to accept his trophy...”. Cool. Haskins will be there. Tickets will probably be around $100 by then though.
  6. Weird to see so many people picking WFT ( yes I know it’s called ExtremeSkins) - but this was a team that has gone 0-6 vs both Eags last 3 years, and 0-6 vs East last year, had zero preseason w/ a new system and coaches, Pederson has gone like 5-1 in openers with Wentz, has continuity and new secondary stars that allowed for week 15 close game. Eagles have better or equal players on both lines and QB. Wondering if most of you had to put $100 on the game - your predictions would be the same. Or are you all just “ hoping and praying” for your predictions and not speaking from your head but yo
  7. Please name the year that Redskins won 11 games last. Hint - it was a looooong time ago. What makes you think THIS roster would break that longstanding history.
  8. I didn’t say Terry couldn’t get yards against Slay - I said our DBs that played in that week 16 game were not as good as the ones we have Sunday. Get it now?
  9. Actually yesterday he said “ he’s never felt better” and had a great practice. He was banged into a week and a half ago and they sat him just to be very cautious with a “soft tissue injury” - which means a bruise/small strain( which happens to every player eventually during season ). Don’t know where fans from other teams get their injury info - but it’s probably not from Eagles sources. meanwhile there are people on here that think Smith has a shot at playing ( and possibly well( and he’s got a leg that was almost amputated). Can’t make this stuff up ...
  10. Well Pryor is at RG now replacing an ProBowler in Brooks - but that gap isn’t going to be a huge deficit for getting sacks but more disadvantage for Sanders getting huge holes in run game. Our LBs are mediocre at best. But our DBs and secondary are healthy and waaay better than when DH and Terry faced them late last year. Everyone else was held out of camp practices for very conservative rational I heard. Because of situation and no preseason. Advantages would be mid field strikes that go for YAC on O and exotic blitzes to confuse Wentz so he’s shaken early and often. But again he seems to al
  11. Other than known PUP outs , and Reagor ( coming back week 3) , all starters are practicing in full. Why?
  12. I’m feeling rather confident about my team winning this Sunday , unlike last year when you guys jumped out by 2 scores and my feelings prior to game were confirmed. Slow start for both this year, but Eagles D tightens up on screens and short throws and covers by 7+ in end. Week two is the game I’m fearing will make us look like we’re lost on D. I’m sure your DEs will grab some sacks on Sunday, but think Wentz will not fumble as much this time and just throw it away and keep working long drives that wear out pass rush in end. Either way Eags 28-WFT 17 Here’s to a semblance of regular life a
  13. I think week 1 will showcase the top offenses scoring fairly high on the defenses. That being said , I’m still taking Houston plus the points but the Over on Thursday. But Sunday’s games will probably show the better teams covering by the 4th Q fairly easily - including Eags over Washington , much like last year but w/o the massive halftime comeback. Also Saints, NE and Steelers cover spreads and then some after slow starts in first half. Not seeing many surprises in the first quarter of the year outside of maybe TB
  14. And if you go back they said it wouldnt be us. And we are atrocious. And I said it’s all about a chance. Well, we have a chance. That’s it. That’s all. That’s the fact. Please tell me I’m wrong. Please. When it’s all over, then I’ll believe your hate. Until then. We HAVE A CHANCE. more than what Skins have had in 7+ years. Wow....That sounds depressing doesn’t it. Sorry.
  15. And..... here we are. I was correct. Please. Please keep doubting our team! Will they win the SB this year? Probably not. But the more Skins fans doubt our franchise, The better we do. Please keep rooting and doubting. It always helps. Just like 2017 with Foles. If you don’t believe in underdogs. You don’t live sports. If this was the Skins - you would believe. But because it’s a rival team. You hate. And the Pukes fans hate. And that hate is what makes us fans and thus underdog team believe. Will it happens. Prob not. But again - there is still a chance. And that’s all that
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