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  1. And if you go back they said it wouldnt be us. And we are atrocious. And I said it’s all about a chance. Well, we have a chance. That’s it. That’s all. That’s the fact. Please tell me I’m wrong. Please. When it’s all over, then I’ll believe your hate. Until then. We HAVE A CHANCE. more than what Skins have had in 7+ years. Wow....That sounds depressing doesn’t it. Sorry.
  2. And..... here we are. I was correct. Please. Please keep doubting our team! Will they win the SB this year? Probably not. But the more Skins fans doubt our franchise, The better we do. Please keep rooting and doubting. It always helps. Just like 2017 with Foles. If you don’t believe in underdogs. You don’t live sports. If this was the Skins - you would believe. But because it’s a rival team. You hate. And the Pukes fans hate. And that hate is what makes us fans and thus underdog team believe. Will it happens. Prob not. But again - there is still a chance. And that’s all that matters. Anything less we will be fine. But anything more will be amazing and will make you hate it more - and THAT is what I love.
  3. And like I said - as I’ve seen many times in ES over years and no one disagreed “ just get in”. Remember most posters saying they wouldn’t win first game in 2017 vs Falcons ( let alone SB) as well as when Giants were WC at 9-7 and beat Pats years back. You don’t know the future. Would rather be in our situation than yours and have a shot ( IF and that’s a big IF ) we beat Boys on Sunday. If we do. Anything can happen in playoffs. Anything. But your team has to be there. So your “ unprofessional opinions” don’t matter. All that matters is the next game and a chance. Eagles beat GB and Buffalo at their places. ( yes they also lost to crap teams this year) but it proves that they can beat good teams in NFC if the D shows up. You telling me you wouldn’t like a CHANCE , instead of being cellar dwellers every year ? Because your comment just sounds sad. One of your hated rivals is going to play a home playoff game and you can’t stop either one of them from having a CHANCE at going to SB. All the hate and bitterness can’t stop it - only your franchise getting better. Good luck in your prediction though. If it makes your life better somehow. . I’ll be partying with all my buddies ( some Skins fans) and having a blast cheering Sunday and hopefully into mid Jan. - something you haven’t done in a decade +.
  4. I said last 3 years. Lombardi and a playoff win and one win vs Pukes away from another NFCE division. I’m sure if Skins were in same situation you would be happy as sheet. And when you say “ no offense” - I assume you’re talking about this years Skins OFFENSE. Worst ever and as ugly as Ms Bates. Just get in. After that anything can happen. I think I’ve seen that posted in here many many times. Guess it only applies when it’s for Skins?
  5. Cantankerous

    Game Day Thread -Eagles at Redskins

    When using the Eagles D as a barometer of some growth - it might not be a wise decision to use it as such. Horrible. Just horrible D
  6. Upset at your franchise? Ummmm no. No one in the entire NFC is after 30 years of blech...That’s like thinking Elle McPherson ( Eagles last 3 years) would be upset if Kathy Bates ( Skins) was hitting on her boyfriend. But if course some ES posters still think that being Bates “ might have a chance. Good bone structure, good sense of humor ... “
  7. Yep. It’s funny how after watching you ES posters for over a decade, if Skins were in this position (came back from 10 points down and won) It would be a celebration and “ we’re hot and were winning out!” narrative. But because it’s the Eagles it’s “ horrible team and not happening “. The rational Skins fans agree , since you suck horribly and can’t win this Division (unless it’s a strike year or it’s handed to you) oh sheet!!!! The only other team that can win it is the Pukes( But you would rather THEY win than the Birds) Makes me feel good about my team. When Skin fans are rooting for Pukes over us , must mean we’re doing something good. Man than SB win is so fresh. No VHS tapes. No “ remember when’s”. It’s so recent - my kids still have the memories. ( And they have the memory bank of a “Alzheimer’s patient”). No Ill intent with that comment. as many of which my wives patients work with in hospice. Poor Skins fans just hate and hate. Only memory they have recently is rooting against other nfce teams. Sad. Keep up the hate. The KARMA is piling up.
  8. This should be a yearly topic - as there is always a handful of hopium fans that look at records and mathematical situations and forget to look at actual things that matter / you know like talent , coaching, match ups. You know REAL stuff that factors into those imaginary numbers you’re creating in your alternate universe. funny thing is that after a decade other than 1 year - the facts lay themselves out exactly as they are every time. Yep - win 5 more games , that will really help draft position. If you think this team can beat the 49ers then go for it. I’ll bet you’re the same people on here ****ing and moaning about how bad this team is come Sunday night. Then back trying to show “ we only need this and this to happen and we’re still in this thing”. Makes most people that are realists and true followers of the game just laugh and shake their head while reading this fantasy land crap - but you keep dreaming harder Just makes the end that much harder to deal with. Snyder looooves those perpetual dreamers. Especially if you keep buying what he’s shoveling.
  9. Cantankerous

    Eagle FANS are overrated & untested

    1. USA Today - June 2019 Article attached. Eagles fans are not what you heard for the majority. It’s the 10-15% young drunk or uneducated idiots that you keep referencing. Most can’t afford to go to games these days. Oakland and SF fans are worse these days - outside of some Ass**ole chants. Can’t handle that. You’re a snowflake then 2. Really - Do Skins fans? After reading every single post, going to games in MD and seeing stadium taken over and fans leaving early. Not even close. Apathy and hate are the only things felt for this franchise in last 3 years plus. 3. Must of hit the nail on the head if you’re saying that. Truth hurts. FYI - I was raised in the South so I’m not some Jersey goomba - like you’re trying to orchestrate as representing all Philly fans. It’s not even close. 15% of the idiots don’t represent the other educated, successful, family oriented fans that go to games these days. 4. Your over abundance of Eagles hating posts over the years, show that you had some Eagles fan do something to you personally possibly. , or you buy into old stereotypes and stories from the 1960-1970s. Either way you’re pathetic with the self created biased hatred towards the “ boogie man “ fans you speak of. Sounds uneducated and simple. Again you don’t know 99% of the fans and what type of people they are. I also can tell you this - I HAVE my own Admin Assistance. I’m not one so maybe reassess how you “ think” every fan is and come to your senses if you possibly can. 5. Stop predicting wins and records. You don’t sound like you know anything about football other than what your daddy and brothers taught you. And that your horrible team is actually good. Their not. Eagles aren’t winning SB this year - but we will still care about games when are kids are trick or treating. You , no.
  10. Cantankerous

    Eagle FANS are overrated & untested

    I’m hoping that you meant to put this in sarcasm font because I’ve seen plenty of the minimal number of Skins fans that show up to games boo after pathetic displays of play. How many games have even attended then? Philly fans are always rated some of the best in passion for their team and thus they let you know it when you’re not playing up to the standard that is expected of a top franchise. Skins fans are like beaten down orphans - they just sit there are cry these days. There is no expectation of excellence- thus no hard core booing. It’s different in NY and Chicago too. Now go find some other Eagles tread to vent about them some more - you heavyweight chick from Denver. Or go crochet yourself a tissue to cry in , of course you will continue to think highly of your basement dwelling franchise every year as being good. ( looked at every year you’ve made predictions. Horribly wrong and I can tell you’re young and dumb when it comes to talent and scheme evals and look down on other teams,,, question is Why? ). You’re franchise is viewed as a “ get right game” to every other team. Why are you so fooled vs others ? Young , fat and stupid is no way to go through life”. Oh by the way your win total after next week will still be. Zero, point , zero... or I’m sure you’re like bakedtater and think the Skins will beat NE
  11. Cantankerous

    0-6 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

    Lose this game Sunday and that Miami game is a battle for top 2 or 3 l pick probably. And to think , some posters were saying the Division was easily possible just 5 weeks back. 2 weeks from now it will be all who stays?, Haskins plays? and Draft / FA talk. How fast it all falls apart - but by June 2020 - the same people will be stating the same thing, while the realists will snicker and wait for the same result as 25 of 28 years. Insanity at its core premise ....hopefully it’s only 10% of the fan base that still has this fantasy built into their frontal lobe. Naaa it’s more like 50%. Just like Danny likes it.
  12. Cantankerous

    2018: Start of the Philadelphia Eagles Football Dynasty

    Better to be 2-2 - than possibly 0-5 if a loss to NY. But I know misery loves company , but your “company” is really just Miami and other toilet bowl franchises at this point or really last 3 decades. Skins are seen as “ looking forward to getting a win” , while Dallas and Philly are “gotta play 4 quarters of tough old school NFCE football , if we’re going to beat them”. Dynasty - no. Top franchises - yes. I’ll take that anyday- any decade vs what your living with for last 28+ years and no positive change in sight.
  13. Wasn’t just Philly that had missed DPIs. Alshon had an egregious one missed too on a big 3rd down. Went both ways last night. Good teams find a way to win regardless of the bad reffing these days. And FYI - please tell me why a reffing crew would reverse one of their initial calls? ( unless it’s just missed and completely ridiculous on replay)it would only make fans mistrust them more. The rule change was made because of the Saints game - where a PI miscall changed a teams season. Not a drive
  14. Cantankerous

    Game Day Thread - Cow****es at Redskins

    Can’t wait to watch that Patriots vs Skins game. Point spread should be around Clinton Portis’s neck size. But I’m sure there will be people predicting an upset as usual and actually disappointed at outcome.
  15. Going to be a scramble to win the NFCEast between the Eagles and Cowboys I guess. Two best teams and will be interesting as it plays out Hoping it comes down to last couple of weeks and dashing the Boys dreams late in the season. Looking like Skins and Giants will be at 6-10 and 5-11 respectively.