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  1. Redskin Potatos

    The Cult of Case

    Not saying he could have been savior, but AT LEAST I would say he was worth throwing in for a chance to win some games.
  2. Redskin Potatos

    The Cult of Case

    RIP Cult of Colt btw
  3. Redskin Potatos

    The Conspiracy Thread

    if the name of our "victim" team is said to *supposedly* disparage an entire race of people, while also making absolutely abysmal on-and-off the field decisions as it does.... The perception of this team by fans and the league does affect the ACTUAL product on the field. And even to a small extent, it opens up the conversation that a referee bias COULD be a reality. Our team/product is actually kind of bad for business at this juncture, don't you think? So why not NOT help them while we do all our dumb s___.
  4. Redskin Potatos

    Watching the NFL playoffs

    wish I had an ounce of that Redskins' Fan Prosperity...their last super bowl I was only 1 year old.
  5. Redskin Potatos

    Watching the NFL playoffs such an abused redskins fan that he doesn't want to live to see the day they get good lol
  6. Redskin Potatos

    Watching the NFL playoffs

    I cheer so hard for the patriots during all those damn afc championship games... its kinda like rooting for vader, but THERES A REASON HE IS VADER ya know?? like "LOOK AT THAT FRANCHISE TAHT CAN RUN ITSSELF! LOOK AT THE QB!! LOOK AT THOSE SUSTAINED BLOCKS" reminds me of what our team ISNT. I'm sad...
  7. Redskin Potatos

    I’m Happy the Redskins Lost

    I'm on the "this goes deeper than even Snyder" bandwagon.. there is something seriously cursed about this franchise. I'm not sure how to put my finger on it but I swear, I've been a life long fan my whole life.. never felt the name change was totally necessary till now.... yeah bring in the black balled QB too....change the name, get the team out of Maryland and back to DC...****, top to bottom reboot even. The team won its last super bowl when i was 1 year old man...They've been good like 3 times since I was 29 years guys...