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  1. While I appreciate these ideas, the issue is, most of the people would never come back to the stadium ever again, unless given more free tickets so the brand loyalty of putting money back into Snyder's pocket probably would not happen. Would it create fans. Possibly but if the goal is to get fans back in the stands, the chances of this happening probably would not be very likely. With the cost of tickets to skins games, it's hard for almost any "normal" person to be able to afford the games, parking, food etc. The real way to build the fan base is to get back the people who were going before a
  2. True. While this is a start, ultimately it all starts from the top. I'd love for him to take some John Maxwell courses on leadership and creating a winning team and culture. Would do him some good, personally and professionally
  3. seeing the stats of the Redskins since their last SB win is sickening. We literally are in the bottom 5 in the NFL for winning percentage, playoff appearances and probably the worst in Monday Night football and nationally televised appearances. The most head coaches and close to the most QBs. Thanks a lot Snyder. Thanks for taking us to the dregs of the NFL. YOU are a complete loser and you have taken a once proud franchise and made us a laughing stock. We once again are 0-6 in the division. last year 2-4 and 2017 1-5.
  4. see you Josh..don't let the door hit you on the way out..just think of all the money he made for being garbage the past 3 yrs...makes me want to puke
  5. and the michigan game, rematch against wisconsin and clemson, 0 sacks and no real impact. you are obviously a YOUNG homer and a stat hound. Kirk Cousins, just by looking at their stats should be all pros, but they are not.
  6. This is the 4th game I've seen Ohio State play this year. In all four combined, Young had ONE sack. When he plays the big boys, he does not dominate. He does not hustle every play, over penetrates and is not good when running at him. He is overhyped in my opinion. He beats up on weaker teams/players but does not dominate the big boys. that's all he'll face in the NFL...the big boys and the best boys. IMO, I'd rather trade down to the Dolphins who has three first round picks or the raiders who have 2 first rounders and package our firs pick (the #2) pick with Trent Williams for their 2 f
  7. I'm wonder what Synder is thinking to see his team lose yet another division game, 7th in a row to Philly, and your entire stadium taken over by the opposing fans. Screw you, Snyder!! I hope you realize what a mess you've made of this franchise. We can only hope that Urban Myers presence in the box is a good sign for our HC position
  8. i'm really cheering for the Iggles to Beat the Cowboys. Would love to see them take the division over the boys, so they can get smacked in the first round.
  9. today was actually an awesome game. The O looked better, the D created some turnovers, Haskins looked GREAT, Sims F'd up twice to keep us from taking a big lead, and we were very competitive today. And we maintain our draft status too. Win/Win!
  10. so funny. the D is so much worse with Norman on the field and then he gets burned for the losing TD...what a loser. Cannot WAIT to have his sorry ass off this team.
  11. Chase young is NOT the dominant player everyone thinks he is. I've watched him three games this year and this is what I've seen. When he plays other good teams, he doesn't do Squat. he takes a lot of plays off and is not good against the run. He does not hustle to the ball and basically is only a 3rd down pass rush specialist. I have a feeling when he gets to the NFL against Great offensive lineman, he won't be anything like LT, Von Miller or Khalil Mack. Mark it, dude!
  12. I LOVE this Orchard guy!!! all over the field!! Stay on the sidelines, Kerrigan!!\ HTTR!!
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