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  1. First of all, Staubach only won 2 Super Bowls, which is only one more than Theismann. You're too dismissive of Theismann's credentials for the HOF. As I said earlier, he is the only QB who has won both a Super Bowl (1982) and NFL MVP (1983) who is not in the HOF. Theismann also has an excellent winning percentage, just like Staubach. The 1982 - 1983 Redskins teams were among the most dominant in NFL history and Theismann led those teams. Was Theismann as good as Staubach? No, I don't think so. Staubach was the best QB of the 1970s in my opinion. However, Theisma
  2. I'm not sure why you say "not enough" regarding Theismann. Yeah, he was only a starter for 7 - 8 years, but he had more passing yards than Staubach and almost as many passing yards as Bradshaw. And he had a better TD/INT ratio than Bradshaw, which is one of the most important QB stats that should be considered. When evaluating a QB, you should also look at how dominant his team was. Theismann led the most prolific offense in NFL history in 1983 (at that time). The 1983 Redskins are still ranked #9 all-time in points scored during a season, the ONLY team prior to the 1990s that
  3. Marino padded his stats because he threw so much. If my life depended on the outcome of a football game, I would take Theismann over Marino. Theismann had a 6 - 2 playoff record and a Super Bowl victory. Marino usually didn't play his best when it mattered most. Especially in 1985, when they lost the AFC Championship at home to the lowly Patriots. One of the biggest upsets in NFL playoff history.
  4. I totally agree with you. A lot of younger Washington fans don't realize how good Theismann was. He was the best QB in the league for two years during 1982 - 1983 and there aren't many QBs that you can say that about. He should be in the HOF.
  5. That's pretty silly. In the early 1980s, people were talking about the Redskins as the next Pittsburgh Steelers dynasty. They lost a total of 3 games during 1982 - 1983. Theismann was the best QB in the league during those 2 years. He should be in the HOF. Marino was not better than Theismann.
  6. Even today, the 1983 Redskins is still among the highest scoring teams of all-time (currently ranked #9). That is very impressive when you consider that defenses back then had a lot more advantages than they do nowadays. They were ranked #1 for at least 10 years, I believe. The 1983 Redskins was the best in team history. And they still hold an NFL record that will NEVER be broken: +43 turnover ratio. No other team even comes close to that.
  7. If you say so. Theismann has more passing yards than Staubach and almost as many as Bradshaw. And he has a better TD/INT ratio than Bradshaw. Theismann was the best QB in the league for 2 years (1982 & 1983). He should be in the Hall Of Fame.
  8. Joe Theismann is the best QB not currently in the Hall Of Fame. He is the only retired QB with a Super Bowl win (1982) and an NFL MVP award (1983) who is not in the HOF. Among his Hall of Fame QB contemporaries, Theismann has more passing yards than Staubach and almost as many passing yards as Bradshaw. Theismann had a better TD/INT ratio than Bradshaw and he was a better QB than Bradshaw. Theismann also had one of the best winning percentages all-time of any QB. He should definitely be in the HOF.
  9. Amen, brother. These dudes simply know nothing about football.
  10. Dude, you couldn't possibly be more wrong. We are suddenly going to be Super Bowl contenders with Stafford??? He is that much better than Heinicke or Smith??? You obviously went to the Dan Snyder Fantasy Football School of Player Personnel Management.
  11. There are no guarantees in this league. I don't know what you consider a better "plan" than having Heinicke compete for the starting QB job. The guy has proven he can play. It's a plan with low risk. Giving up draft picks and big money for someone like Stafford or Watson? That's high risk and not a better plan in my opinion.
  12. Not a good comparison. Heinicke played great when it mattered the most -- during a playoff game against a good Tampa Bay defense. The guy is a gamer, with a high football IQ. It would be absolutely stupid of Washington to not let him compete for the starting job next year.
  13. Agreed. That was a really stupid article. Heinicke played better than any other Washington player against Tampa Bay. Heinicke is a gamer and I don't buy that Stafford is necessarily an upgrade over Heinicke. Not at this stage in Stafford's career.
  14. I completely agree. Giving up draft picks and big money for a QB who might be 10% - 15% better than Heinicke isn't worth it in my opinion. And unless we somehow acquire Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, or Patrick Mahomes, we're not going to find a QB who is significantly better than Heinicke.
  15. I don't agree with this analysis. Based on what I saw in Heinicke's last two performances, there is no reason he can't be a very good starting QB for Washington. The game against Tampa Bay was pretty close because Heinicke played extremely well.
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