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  1. Just now, MartinC said:


    Which would beg the question that if this switch is being made to 'win the division' whey is he not starting?

    Because he's never realistically going to be the same player and he won't know the system as well as Allen. 


    You've got to make a call on whether a (maybe) 80% Alex Smith who isn't familiar with the system is better than Kyle Allen who knows the system inside and out. Allen is probably the smart move for now to give Smith more reps in practice first. 


  2. 2 minutes ago, MartinC said:


    How are you going to feel when/if Smith takes his first big shot in the pocket? What happens if that leg gets rolled up on by a lineman? We don't know and neither does Smith.  Its not like we are taking about if his hamstring will hold up here - he almost lost his leg.

    We'll all squirm of course but he's going to be given the all clear by the doctors before he sees the field. I don't see the logic in putting an interior QB as back up just because he's more durable. You want your back up to provide a spark off the bench. If anyone is going to do that it's Alex Smith after what he's come through. 

  3. 3 minutes ago, MartinC said:


    It's not X's and O's that would worry you about Smith.

    A one legged Smith might have better footwork than Haskins too tbf.


    Honestly though, if Allen did get hurt I'm pretty sure the whole offense would rather see Smith come in than Haskins. He's the better QB to have ready to come on in relief even if he's only at 80% or so. 

  4. 31 minutes ago, IrepDC said:


    That will be the narrative regardless when they go through inevitable growing pains. In those moments, we do everything wrong. I believe Josh Allen is a bust here. Lamar Jackson is definitely a bust here. Even Mahomes likely is a bust here. I have not seen this franchise develop QB talent in all my years as a fan. Our culture is trash and that's the most annoying part of cheering for this team. We are self defeating with the loser culture.

    Yeah but you've named three QB's who always blatantly had the upside to become stars. Haskins never had that upside. Josh Allen is the player some thought Haskins was. He's ten times the athlete that Haskins is though and will sling the ball into tighter windows where as Haskins hesitates. 


    Would Haskins have been a success in Buffalo? Nah not a chance imo.


    The previous regime drafted a flawed QB with limited upside. We shouldn't waste our time trying to make it work when it clearly won't. Save time and move on. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, IrepDC said:

    We will never develop a QB here. I don't even want us drafting a QB anymore. We won't develop or help them grow so it's pointless.

    We could try drafting QB's who aren't fatally flawed for a start. There's only so much you can develop when they don't have it. 

  6. Just now, max21 said:

    I always thought it was weird how someone could have “poor” tape after throwing for 5k yards and 50 touchdowns in college. I guess it just doesn’t click for some players going to the NFL 

    The team he was on definitely helped when it came to the numbers. His mechanics constantly fell apart when he was put under any interior pressure, he couldn't get out of the pocket well, he got way too much air on a lot of his deep throws, he was extremely hesitant to throw into windows. There was a tonne of red flags. I put up the videos of his flaws on this thread the week we drafted him and got slated for it. Everyone thought he was the second coming of Big Ben even though he has zero traits of Big Ben bar body type. 

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  7. The one hope I had for Haskins was that he must have aced his interviews in the draft process to be so high up on draft boards given his poor tape. Becoming pretty clear he's got a poor attitude too though. If that's true then you can cap his ceiling from low level starter to out of the league pretty quick.


    An absolute disaster of a pick at #13. One that's put the organisation back years and not surprisingly a Snyder one. Even Gruden clearly didn't want Haskins. Never made sense. 

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  8. 1 minute ago, stevemcqueen1 said:

    This regime really ****ed the dog with Haskins.  This situation was a test for franchise, to see if we've turned the corner at all, and they failed it.  It's ugly and I'm pretty disappointed to see the same dysfunction play out as the previous two regimes.

    Haskins has nobody to blame but himself here. He hasn't been good enough. Hasn't shown any signs of improvement. I know you had high hopes for him coming out of college but honestly the flaws were clear to see then and he's fixed none of them over two years. How long do you persist with him? 

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  9. Think if the division wasn't there for the taking we wouldn't make this move. Allen gives us a better chance to win right now. I'm not mad at all. 


    Honestly, Haskins is never going to make it here regardless. He just doesn't have it. Was blatantly clear in college how many flaws he had. One of the worst picks we've ever made. The Big Ben comparisons on here the week we drafted him were laughable.

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  10. 11 minutes ago, mhd24 said:

    The Browns are smart enough to know Haskins can't throw deep.  Why else did that LB jump for the INT, or why Ward bailed on Inman to almost make another INT.  Haskins doesn't have "it".  Kyle Allen needs to be the QB.  At least he can throw with touch.

    He definitely doesn't have "it" but that was very obvious even watching him in college. Still think we have enough speed to make it work somewhat though. That drive was so much better. Just get the ball in Gibson/McLaurin's hands and keep it simple. 

  11. Haskins doesn't have a hope in our current state. He's a guy who notoriously couldn't deal with pressure inside in college. His foot mechanics fall apart immediately and he doesn't have the athleticism to get out of the pocket and extend plays. 


    The play calling needs to improve considerably to even give us a chance. We've got some pieces in McLaurin, Gibson and Sims to get a quick passing game going but for some reason we have Haskins doing what he's bad at throwing a mid range under pressure. 


    We've got to do a better job of hiding his limitations. 

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  12. We all know Haskins is limited but a decent play caller can mask those limitations. We're doing exactly the opposite of that at the moment trying to get him to throw receivers open. Need to get quick throws to Sims and Gibson and let them work. Really disappointed with the play design more than anything so far. 

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  13. 2 minutes ago, PartyPosse said:

    Some nice weapons but completely ignoring the OL is going to get Darnold murdered. 

    Probably will but every pick was BPA. Reaching for picks in order to fill a need is where drafts can go downhill quick. 

  14. Jets total haul for 2020:


    1. Ceedee Lamb - Oklahoma - WR

    2. Cam Akers - FSU - RB

    3. Alohi Gilman - Notre Dame - S

    3. Curtis Weaver - Boise ST - Edge

    4. Alex Highsmith - Charlotte - Edge

    5. Leki Fotu - Utah - DL

    6. Javelin Guidry - Utah - CB

    6. Binjimen Victor - Ohio State - WR

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