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  1. 7 hours ago, DJHJR86 said:

    A mobile Heinicke can't be worse than a one legged Alex Smith.  If he was truly that terrible, this team would not have cut Haskins when they did.  

    There's levels to this though. Haskins is probably only as good as a one legged Heinicke.

  2. 1 hour ago, FootballZombie said:


    Less Cam I see the better. Sims Jr inability to catch a ball is a lack of focus. Cams inability to do so is a lack of ability to catch any ball that he cant body cradle against his numbers.

    In a game like this I'd rather go to a guy who plays with heart like Cam than a guy who looks like he couldn't care less in Sims Jr. His attitude has stunk all year. Type of guy who'll dodge blocking someone to avoid getting hurt knowing he's going to be looking for a job this summer. 

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  3. Good riddance. Great day for the franchise to be freed from dead wood. Hated the pick when we made it but honestly didn't think he'd be this bad and have so many attitude problems tacked on. Truly one of the worst draft picks in our history. Delighted Rivera isn't messing about any more though and that we're moving on. 

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