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  1. I think it has something to do with the acceptance of your own *******, but the intolerance for other peoples. sometimes even my own farts smell bad to me. Its like one out of every 100 - so its rare. the more i think about it those really bad ones are like the best ones actually - so I have just come full circle.
  2. YES - I find it extremely hilarious - that emoticon is supposed to be Jerry Jones , and I think it is fantastic that he said that on tv- hahaha
  3. Oh I know, but preseason is preseason - I generally am excited for preseason only because it means game 1 is coming soon! Besides, even Beck looked good in pre-season. lol
  4. Sounds like you are quite happy with the last twenty years. As someone who remembers all the superbowl victories and our run of dominance in the 80's it can be a little trying on the soul. That being said I still put on the B&G every Sunday and root for my team. You were 7 years old in 1991. You only know darkness. Lol. ---------- Post added July-30th-2012 at 08:12 PM ---------- 40 days : 16 hours : 48 minutes : 10 seconds until RG-3 takes the field against the Saints, but whose counting?
  5. I was digging it until Tebow won that moment of the year award. I was watching those two baseball games - both one strike from being over, and within 5 minutes both the teams that were so close had lost. Jeters 3000 hit being a homerun was awesome, and I dont watch too much golf but Bubba winning the masters was really awesome. Demarius Thomas is the one who made the play on Tebows dumb 7 yard pass. The announcer says , "and the award goes to Tim Tebow" - now Im just pissed. Lol. People love him or hate him - I hate him, but even if I didnt - you cant tell me that an overtime win in the
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