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  1. I took a survey, sent a couple days ago from the team and it had a different list of names. I just checked and they didn't send me this one yet. I would have to think many of these names aren't under serious consideration. Maybe they are mixing some bogus ones in with a few they are actually considering, just to get an idea.
  2. The ticket office called me today, they wanted to know if I wanted a refund and if I had any questions. First thing the guy told me was the first 2 home games would be empty stadium games and the rest of the season was wait and see. I was surprised to hear that, since that's not what the email they just sent me, that day said. I asked if there was going to be any incentive to not take the refund, he flat out said no, but would let me know if that changes. I got the feeling it wasn't going to change, but I don't think they are sure about anything. I guess the incentive would be if they said yo
  3. I come from Lebanon, It really isn't a bad drive. It's about 2 1/2 hours give or take.
  4. Thanks for the invite to the ES tailgate. I actually checked it out 2 years ago and I was really impressed. I asked the guys I sit next to about it and they showed me where it was. We played the Vikings that day and I brought a friend along who was decked out in Vikings gear. I only spoke with a couple people, but everyone was super nice and they made my friend feel welcome too. They insisted we have have some food, I didn't want anything, but my friend tried a little something and couldn't believe how nice they were to a Vikings fan. I usually go right in the stadium to hang out, but if I eve
  5. I live about 35min or so from Harrisburg, I guess there are a bunch of us coming from this direction. I have 1 ticket also, I don't know anyone else who really cares. It's a big commitment going to every game, time, money etc... It would be nice to have another ticket sometimes, but most of the time it would be hard to find someone that wanted to go along for free. I just can't justify the cost. I generally like going to the games by myself and I've become friends with the people I sit next to. Also coming from this direction I like where the stadium is at. I know it's an unpopular opinion, bu
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