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  1. SKINS'n'Spurs

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    i accidently deleted all of my bookmarks on my browser tonight.... could someone let me know the name of the site that lets you download full redskins games? ---------- Post added October-18th-2012 at 11:27 PM ---------- I think it is that I am thinking of
  2. Love the gold pants! I agree about the burgundy over white comments. The collar is terrible, but only noticeable with the white away jersey. I like the collar design with the burgundy...They should have just made a burgundy v on the white or just left the collar all white...who knows what they were thinking, but it's the last thing I really care about when you consider how amazing RGIII looked in the B&G (&white) 2night!
  3. SKINS'n'Spurs

    Random Thought Thread

    I gotta come to the defense of the world's game here. I can respect the average american to dislike soccer. I too often find games a bit boring and I haven't missed an Arsenal match in probably over 3 years. Once you can appreciate the nuances, just like in any sport, there is much to enjoy. I'm not going to try and convert anyone, but just want to argue the stupid argument that anyone athletic or "in shape" can play soccer. Yes, anyone can run around and swing their leg at a ball on the ground, but to play the game at the top level, just like any professional sport you have to have years and years if not decades of "touch" (the equivalent of hitting a golf ball just the way you want, or striking a tennis serve with the perfect spin, or receiving a rocket hockey pass and laying off a nuclear missile of a slap shot in to the top corner past the goalie glove side) Out of all the sports I played in high school (soccer, track, cross country, football, wrestling) I would have to say my 10+ years experience of playing soccer since I was 4 put me shoulders above the rest as far as skill and ability, where as I just walked on to the football and wrestling teams having no experience what so ever and although not a starter or anything, I definitely held my own playing outside linebacker. I'm not knocking any sport, I pretty much love them all, But to say that anyone can play soccer because a 3 yr old can is akin to saying anyone can be Peyton Manning because I saw a 3 yr old toss his dad a football the other day. There's just nothing intelligent about that. This guy from UFC or whatever is making a completely ignorant statement about both soccer and hockey. Im a big boxing fan and occasionally enjoy the odd MMA match, but really that kind of fighting for me requires so much less skill than boxing, which can be described as an art form by many. This guy just sounds like a fool to me. As far as dorks playing soccer. Yes that's true, but just as much as any sport, plus it depends on what generation/decade and what high school you are talking about. Soccer is taking over this country and although will never be as popular as football is definitely the "popular" sport at many schools these days. Ok, I'm done, hate that I just ranted about soccer on ES, but as a huge fan of both forms of football, just couldn't stand by this idiot canadian prez of UFC ignoramus .
  4. I like it just the way it is. The gold pants and burgundy top was a bad *** combo last year and I hope we stick with it. Also, generally I would say I'm not a fan of all white on white, but watching some RGIII Baylor highlights I saw how fast he looks running in all white. So I would be down with maybe Nike working that in. I'm fine with a little change to get guys excited, but nothing major. We have a classic look that I have loved my whole life knowing the skins and don't want to end up looking like the Vikings or the Cardinals and their terrible changes.
  5. SKINS'n'Spurs

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    WOW, I just immediately emailed that to my parents, haha. That facebook dad video is too funny. I didn't think he'd do it, ha, but he certainly did; that laptop is no more!