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  1. Ya'll upgrade folks are killing me.. This will be my 1st year as a season ticket holder so I am just waiting until I have actual seats... Seeing TBD everyday at work a few dozen times is a killer!! Congrats to everyone that got decent upgrades tho!!
  2. I just called the TO and got them to switch from giving me the VT tickets to getting one of these jerseys as my new season ticket holder incentive . Thanks for posting this
  3. With the draft coming up I finally paid off my first ever set of season tickets. I keep hearing and reading that the exact seat location is an unknown until upgrades are done. When I called today I was told that by paying today I would be considered for an upgrade as well. Does this sound correct or was the staff person perhaps misinformed?
  4. I just got contacted by the TO after only being on the waiting list for about 2 years... is it possible that the secret waiting list is really just a myth? For all the contributors to this post I read your statements about not buying them and I agreed fully with your reasoning.... right up until I got that email lol. HTTR
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