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  1. I appreciate your reponse! Great info.
  2. Second year STH'er just got upgraded to LL. Section 113 row 20 seat 11&12. Has anyone sat in this section? How is it?
  3. Anything yet? I just sent an email.
  4. I'm being upgraded from UL to LL and still no change. My invoice only shows the FedEx invoice for shipping.
  5. I'm moving down to LL end zone this year. I'm assuming they'll have me in one of the last rows since this is my first year in the LL. Anyone have LL end zone seats? What do you like/dislike about them? One thing I'm happy about is not having to deal with walking up the ramp to the UL.
  6. Did anyone else get this email this afternoon? I've been a STH for only one year and was surprised to get offered an upgrade to the LL End Zone. It was an extra $440 for 2 seats so I went ahead and did it. Hopefully I didnt get bamboozled into some whack obstructed view seats in the 200 level. Thank you for renewing your 2012 Washington Redskins season tickets. Great news! We have begun our annual Auto Upgrade Program for our General Admission season ticket holders. * Your account is eligible for an upgrade, including a move to the Lower Level; however, quantities are limited and assigned o
  7. Draft party at FedEx was tonight? I thought it was during the day for some reason. Got any pics?
  8. Has anyone seen the pic of FedEx after the most recent seat removal. It looks like they took sections from the the Corners and up to at least the 10 yard line.
  9. Anyone got a link so I can watch this fight for free
  10. The RG3 move got me for another year. Hope we're good! Making the drive back to norfolk after a loss is torture.
  11. That sounds about right... maybe they make most of their money from sponsorships.
  12. Hard to believe the top earner only makes $1.5M. I wonder if that includes PPV revenue? If it does, these guys are getting ripped off. http://www.tapology.com/forum/open/179347-Top_50_Money_earners_in_the_UFC_
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