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  1. I prefer to hang it on the rear view and just roll in.... now i feel the lines will be longer and you will have to show them everytime.... Before it was alot simpler... just my .02
  2. Got home from biz travel and got my STH package.... I HATE the parking placard uggggh.....
  3. Yup I chose the physical ticket myself.... I like having a keepsake as doofus as that sounds.. LOL
  4. I got ahold of my contact today and to quote the person... " Tickets will be mailed out the first week of August. We will be sending out an email with your Tracking number in the next couple of days. " I don't disagree, I like the Redzone and I had parking there for a long time, now that my parents are in their 70's... having purple makes it nice.
  5. I had the same thing happen.... I went from Green parking for 10 years ... Green A actually to Purple H.... I also got moved from visitor side 20 to Skins side 30..... I told them that if they couldnt do anything my 13 years of loyalty was coming to an end as a STH.....
  6. if PSL's happen alot of folks including myself are prolly gonna drop.....
  7. @MarkB452 Just curious..But did you receive an email saying your tickets were on their way like previous years ? I happened to look in my archived emails, and it shows that was the case... I got one from 8/2/17 of last year saying they were on the way.. Thx
  8. Sounds like no physical ticket ? but I dont believe thats the case.....
  9. We will see when I can upgrade tomorrow LOL in Section 125....
  10. Exactly what happened to me....
  11. I just got my postcard in the mail... WOW i can upgrade starting june 2nd at 10am... yet it closes at 12:59am... what a damn joke... This will be my 8th or 9th year.... unreal
  12. Well I havent even gotten that email yet I have only had them since 2008 or so.
  13. Ramsey: I remember seeing that exact post, and I already have that.. 70" plasma, 7.2 Surround.... it cranks when I want it too..... I just love seeing my sons smile ear to ear at the games. He is only 8 but really enjoys the games, and so do I. I dont know how long it would take for me to get back to lower level sidelines.... thats the one big determining factor I have with giving them up......
  14. I am unsure of what my status is going to be..... I own 4 seats in section 125, and I wont lie... I LOVE them... it took me a while to get down that low, and this was the 1st year I split them with family member... so it wasnt that big of a hit to take on 2 tickets instead of 4..... With the ticket prices taking serious hits throughout the season i.e. (sister and bil got dream seats for 90 a piece) I am highly debating on not renewing my tickets and spending the money elsewhere........
  15. Which isnt a bad thing to do. What I do is look at what games conflict with things on my schedule. I was lucky enough to sell my Lions, 49ers, Giants, and Chargers tickets before we even played our first game. I sold them all to my friends and made $2 bucks off them for each ticket, which isnt anything... I believe in karma so I wasnt going to charge them for what I could lower level sideline seats 3 rows away. I will renew mine again, and look to move closer to the 50 yard line, simply because I can always sell them for what I pay for them.... EXCEPT the dreaded pre season LOL
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